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Santoshi Maa 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya saying what are you saying, she can’t be pregnant. Kaka asks doctor to check again. Doctor says all symptoms are signing towards her pregnancy. Kamini smiles and says see Dhairya, you lost one child and Lord gave you other child. Dhairya says what nonsense, when we have no relation, how can this child be mine, check again, why are you lying. Doctor says you can confirm from other doctor and goes. Dhairya asks Kaka to believe him, this is not my child, they both are acting.

Trishna says I know this news is shocking, even I did not know this. He says this can’t happen. She asks him to recall that night, we were drunk when we returned from party. He says I had sense to know my limits, nothing happened, just shut up and get out. Kamini says fine, if he does not give you your rights, we will go to police, we will tell Dhairya how he made false promise and then cheated you, we will file rape case on him. They all get shocked.

Kaka asks what are you saying, Trishna we will believe you are saying right, you have to prove its Dhairya’s child, if this is false, we will kick you out. Dhairya says why are you giving them offer, she is acting to stay here. Kaka signs him. Dhairya says fine, do what you find right. He goes.

Gaumata says how did this baby come. Santoshi Maa says this is a plan, we have to check this. Gaumata asks how. Devi Paulmi says this is called smartness, till Trishna’s baby comes, I will make many plans. She laughs. Kamini asks Santoshi to help her. She says you could not give heir to this house, Trishna is giving a heir, your status is of a maid. Rudrakshi gets angry. Santoshi stops her.

Kamini says Trishna has Dhairya’s child, it will be better you leave, now you are not needed here. Kaka says wait, I think you did not hear me clearly, stay in limits and talk, nothing is proved. Kaka, Santoshi and Rudrakshi leave. Kamini asks Trishna what’s all this, is this child news true, did anything happen. Trishna says don’t know, I don’t remember, I m also surprised. Kamini asks is there anyone there in your life. Trishna says I can’t even think of anyone except Dhairya, this baby is love sign of me and Dhairya, even though I don’t remember anything.

Dhairya talks to Rudrakshi. He says don’t know what game are they playing. She asks him not to take tension, one who lies is caught. He says Santoshi does not trust me. She says we will explain Santoshi. He says how shall I go to her, she will feel I cheated her. She says we will talk to her.

Santoshi cries and says everything finished. Rudrakshi gets Dhairya to her. Dhairya says I did not do anything, Trishna is lying. She asks why are you explaining me, who am I, you were marrying Trishna, its good, you got child before marriage. He says I did not do anything. She says I don’t know, you were always with Trishna. She goes. He cries and says why is this happening with me. Rudrakshi says I will talk to Santoshi, she will agree to me.

Rudrakshi goes to Santoshi. Santoshi says you won’t understand this, trust and relation ended between me and Dhairya. Rudrakshi says talk when any problem comes, just talk to him once, I can’t see my would be parents getting separated, please come. She takes Santoshi to Dhairya.

Kaka comes and asks Dhairya to see what’s written in paper. Dhairya reads and smiles. He says its good news. Rudrakshi asks what’s written. Dhairya says truth will come out, it will be known Trishna’s baby is not our family blood.

Santoshi talks to Rudrakshi. She gets sad. Rudrakshi asks her to hold a finger, I will say what’s going on in your heart. Santoshi holds a finger. Rudrakshi says your heart says Dhairya is saying right. Santoshi says I hope so, we will know tomorrow, sleep now.

Its morning, Sharmili and Guddu do Santoshi Maa’s puja. Seshnath blames Madhuri for his state. Madhuri says you were romancing with foreign girl, so this happened. Daksha says yes, you were having rasleela. Seshnath says it was Sharmili’s plan. Daksha says we have to think of something. Sharmili sings aarti.

Trishna asks Pushpa to get food. Pushpa gets food. Dhairya stops Trishna. He says you won’t get anything to eat till your DNA test happens. Kamini asks are you mad, DNA test happens after baby is born. He laughs and says even I felt so, but technology got advanced, nowadays DNA test can happen before baby’s birth. I called doctors, they are coming.

Trishna asks when did you call doctor. He smiles and thinks of calling doctor after reading the ad. Trishna thinks why is mom not doing anything. She says I can bear hunger, but I m feeling thirsty, let me drink water. He says you won’t get anything. Trishna says I will faint. Santoshi says let her drink some water. He says no, till doctors come, she can’t eat and drink. Santoshi says this is not right behavior. Kamini says yes, let Trishna drink water. He says I m not great as Santoshi. Santoshi says let her drink some water, else call doctor fast. He says fine, I can do that. He calls doctor. He says he is coming in some time. Trishna and Kamini worry.

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