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Santoshi Maa 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Santoshi Maa 23rd May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Dhairya asking Rudrakshi to enjoy. They smile. Santoshi asks him to drive carefully. Trishna waits for them. She says I will kill them and become immortal. She laughs. Brahmadev asks Devsainik to call Gaumata. Gaumata comes and greets them. He says Trishna got to know about the Amrit, it may happen that my written fate fails. Gaumata says Mata has gone to Chitragupt. He says I know this well, I know shell breaking can’t kill Trishna, some human or incident can kill her. Trishna sees the car coming.

Santoshi asks Dhairya to drive slow.He asks her to relax. Trishna throws the boulder down. The car gets hit. Santoshi flies out of the car and huts a tree. Dhairya stops the car. Dhairya and Rudrakshi look for Santoshi. Trishna goes to Dhairya and throws ashes on him and Rudrakshi. They faint. Trishna says these ashes will ruin you.

Santoshi calls them for help.Trishna says I will go after Santoshi. Gaumata stops Santoshi. Santoshi asks why are you stopping me. Gaumata says I m Santoshi Maa’s devotee and came to give you message, don’t go there, death is waiting for you there, Trishna caught you and Rudrakshi, if you go there, she will sacrifice three of you. Santoshi says who will save them if I don’t go. Gaumata says time will save them, Trishna will sacrifice them during sunset, she will get immortal, go that way, you will see Shiv ashram, you will get a Tejasvi trishul there, you have to kill Trishna. Santoshi says you are asking me to kill someone. Gaumata says its self defence, you have to kill Trishna to save Dhairya and Rudrakshi, don’t think much. Santoshi asks how can I go somewhere leaving Dhairya and Rudrakshi. Gaumata says I will protect them. Santoshi worries. She runs.

Trishna sees Santoshi and runs after her. She stops and thinks I won’t go after Santoshi, she is distraction, I have less time, I will go back and prepare to sacrifice. She asks Kamla to go after Santoshi and throw ashes on Santoshi to control her, else she can create hurdles.

Santoshi reaches the ashram. She sees the trishul. She thinks who to ask about it. The saint scolds her for entering the ashram, being a woman. Santoshi apologizes. She says I m not any thief, I came to take trishul to save my husband. She tells everything. She says I m Santoshi Maa’s devotee, I m not lying, trust me. Saint says fine, take it, just truth can shake this trishul, else you won’t get it. She thanks him and tries to get trishul. Saints laugh. Saint says I said if devotion has strength, trishul will leave its place. She prays to Shiv and Santoshi Maa.

Trishna applies something to Dhairya and says you left me for Santoshi, see where did you come. She ignites the fire. All devis see Santoshi. Santoshi asks Santoshi Maa not to fail her. Santoshi Maa blesses her. Santoshi gets the trishul. Saint says you have strength of truth, go and fulfill your motive, you will succeed, you can just use this trishul once. Kamla hears them. Santoshi leaves. Kamla says I have to stop her. She fights with Santoshi. Santoshi runs. Kamla catches her and asks where will you go now, when these ashes fall on you, you will lose powers, how will your family get saved. Gaumata worries. Brahmadev says Mahadev’s trishul strength is with Santoshi, don’t worry, trishul will save Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says strength of truth will save Santoshi from every problem.


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