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Santoshi Maa 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya asking Santoshi not to worry, nothing can happen. Devi Paulmi laughs that her curse will work on them today. Praba comes out and sees the shadow. He asks servant to call Dhairya. Servant goes. Prabal talks to Devi Paulmi. She asks him not to lose good chance. He gets a digging tool to attack on Dhairya. Dhairya comes and asks what happened. Prabal shows the land and says I will dig the place and plant grass. Dhairya says you know this work too. Prabal says yes, the place from where I came has big gardens. He gets stomach ache. Dhairya asks are you fine. Prabal says food was very tasty, I had much and I got stomach ache, tell me the work. Dhairya shows the place.

Prabal sees his shadow bigger than himself. He goes to hit Dhairya. He sees sunlight fading and stops. Dhairya asks why do you look worried. Prabal says clouds came. Dhairya says its good, you won’t feel heat. Prabal says I like heat, not clouds. Dhairya says you are strange and laughs. Prabal thinks what to do. Devi Paulmi says none can come between my aim. She blows and clears the cloudy sky. Prabal goes to attack Dhairya. Santoshi sees the pics. Prabal gets much stomach ache. Devi Paulmi asks him not to miss the good chance.

Dhairya’s pic falls and breaks. Santoshi gets worried. Prabal goes to hit. Dhairya sits and his shadow gets smaller. Devi Paulmi says his shadow is still bigger than his resting position. Prabal thinks my mind doesn’t work sometimes. Dhairya goes ahead. Prabal gets much ache and falls down. Dhairya gets shocked and calls servant. Prabal thinks he can’t bear the pain now. Devi Paulmi gets angry.

Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa about Prabal, who was attacking Dhairya, but he had stomach ache. Santoshi Maa says maybe he is foolish, it will be good if you keep an eye on him. Dhairya comes to Santoshi and tells about Prabal’s stomach ache. Santoshi tells him about some party. Dhairya and Santoshi go to attend Prabal.

Narad wakes up and asks who are you Devi. She says I m Sumukhi. Narad praises her beauty. She says I have none to love me, what’s the use of this beauty, I was waiting for you, the day you came in my dad’s Rajsabha, I gave my heart to you but…. He asks her to say something. She says I was shy and stopped myself, its good I met you today, I could tell my feelings, accept my love.

Santoshi gives medicine to Prabal. Prabal says what was this, so bitter. She says your stomach ache will get fine. She comforts him. He feels better and thinks this woman gives love to everyone, Dhairya is so lucky to get her. Gaumata says Dhairya and Santoshi are taking care of servant also. Santoshi Maa says they are good humans, Santoshi was such since before, but its good to see such change in Dhairya. Santoshi says Prabal doesn’t look from this world. Prabal says yes, I m not from this world, I came from far. Devi Paulmi asks him not to be foolish.

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