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Santoshi Maa 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Rudrakshi saying maybe they played any game. Santoshi cries. Kamini says its not miracle, maybe its true. Trishna says I don’t remember anything. Kamini says fine, leave it, its proved its Dhairya’s child, Santoshi will move off our way, she had pride on her sindoor, all that ruined in a moment, she will leave from here, then we will convince Dhairya to marry you.

Dhairya cries and ask Kaka to listen to him, its not his child. Kaka asks what about Santoshi. Santoshi packs her bag and says what will I do staying here when the relation does not exist.

Rudrakshi says won’t you stay for me and Kaka, you married Dhairya again. Santoshi recalls the marriage. She cries. Rudrakshi asks her not to go. Santoshi says I can’t stay now, Dhairya has given himself to Trishna, he could never be mine, now I have no right on him and this house, I know you are hurt, do you want me to stay here and get hurt, I have to leave. Kamini says you have to get close to Dhairya and end all annoyance. Trishna says don’t worry, I will manage. They hear Rudrakshi and go to see.

Kaka asks where are you going. Santoshi says I came here as bahu, but my husband snatched my rights and respect, it will be good if I leave from here, bless me for the last time. She takes Kaka’s blessings. Dhairya says you won’t go anywhere. He holds her hand and stops her. She says you can’t stop me, leave my hand. He recalls Santoshi and asks her to stop. She says who cares if I stay here. He says I care, it matters to me, till I prove its not my child in Trishna’s womb, you won’t go from here. She asks by what right are you stopping me, I thought you will come back in my life, but whatever you did.. He says its not my child, stay here for your sindoor.

She says you don’t say about sindoor, I have seen in DNA report how much you respected sindoor, why did you do this, you cheated me, ow you are cheating Trishna by not accepting the baby, truth won’t change. Gaumata says its good change in Dhairya, but how will he prove himself innocent. Santoshi Maa says truth is hidden between problems.

Santoshi Maa says don’t make our relation a drama, I won’t let sindoor disrespected, let me go. He says come with me, think, I was marrying Trishna, what problem will I have, I was giving you divorce, why am I stopping you, this is not my child, I did not do anything, I did not believe myself before, I need your trust, I need you all, don’t leave me, stay back please.

Kaka says Santoshi, I believe Dhairya, you know Trishna and Kamini can do anything. Kamini stops Trishna from saying anything. Rudrakshi asks Santoshi to stay back. Kaka and Rudrakshi request Santoshi. Dhairya asks her to stay back. Santoshi does not leave. Dhairya thinks to expose Trishna.

Santoshi Maa says we should present this bug in Devsabha and know truth, then there will be some solution too. Kaka says Dhairya’s behavior is giving me new hope, give him some time.

Guddu says I think something is fishy. Sharmili says you should not doubt on Daksha, humans can change. Daksha prays to Santoshi Maa. She says I did Santoshi Mata puja and felt glad. She gives them prasad.

Sharmili and Guddu eat prasad and faint. Seshnath, Madhuri and Daksha get glad. They steal the jewelry from Sharmili’s cupboard. Daksha asks him to hide jewelry. They plan to act to faint.

Trishna says I can’t lose Dhairya. Kamini says you have to get his attention. Trishna says I can’t let Dhairya go away from myself.

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