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Santoshi Maa 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 27th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Santoshi thinking to keep an eye on Kamini and Trishna, so that she can find Dhairya. Kamini does not see Santoshi and thinks its right time to leave. Santoshi follows her. Dhairya and Rudrakshi are in jungle. She shows some way and asks him to come. Santoshi hides and follows Kamini. Rudrakshi says if we did not eat those mangoes, it would be tough to walk, thanks. Dhairya says its okay, come. Santoshi thinks to go after Kamini or not, but I have to go if I have to know about Dhairya.

Dhairya thinks which way will be good. She says that way. He says no, I think this one. She says we followed your way, did we reach anywhere. He says but I think this is right, its benefit to be elder. She says there is benefit to be younger also. Santoshi thinks what work Kamini has here and goes to see.

Kamini meets the old women. Santoshi says I can’t see anything from here. Kamini says Trishna is restless. Old lady says what will we tell Maa that we did not get Dhairya’s dead body by our one mistake. Santoshi gets shocked and shouts Dhairya. She angrily holds Kamini’s neck and says I will kill you if anything happens to him, tell me where is he. Kamini says stop shouting, he was never yours. Santoshi says he will always be my husband, you and Trishna ruined my life.

Old woman asks the ladies to catch Santoshi. Santoshi says I will not leave anyone. The old lady hits on Santoshi’s head. They tie up Santoshi. Gaumata says Mata, Santoshi got stuck in evil powers, how will she get free. Santoshi Maa says time is less and Santoshi’s life has dangers. Santoshi gets conscious and scolds the old woman asking why did you do this with Dhairya. Kamini stops them from hurting Santoshi.

She says we will keep her here, Trishna will not be able to manage this. The lady says yes, we will find Dhairya. Santoshi says I have belief Dhairya is fine. Old woman says I will not leave Santoshi.

Dhairya says maybe we will get road from there. She runs and says we will get some way from here. Dhairya says she is mad, she is roaming in jungle as if she came on picnic, she will get hurt. She falls down and gets hurt. He says I told you not to run, how will you walk. She says I will try and walk. He asks her to try. She feels ache. He says I don’t think you can walk, you have to sit on my shoulder, there is no way. She says I did not ride a horse since long. He smiles and asks her to come. They leave.

Seshnath fools people. Madhuri helps him in fooling people. Guddu says I don’t understand if these people are fools. The people give chadava. Sharmili says atleast Seshnath is working now. Guddu says its theft, what are you doing. Santoshi tries to get free. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi got trapped in my plan. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa.

She thinks of Dhairya. She says once I leave, I will find Dhairya. Devi Paulmi laughs. She sends scorpions to bite Santoshi. Santoshi kicks the scorpion and gets shocked seeing many scorpions. Santoshi Maa worries. Santoshi prays for safety.


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