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Santoshi Maa 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi praying to Santoshi Maa. She goes to Santoshi Maa and sees her in dhyaan. Santoshi Maa asks why are you leaving, I was not in dhyaan, and taking happiness from your jaap. Santoshi says you are also Santoshi Maa’s devotee, we will pray together. Santoshi Maa praises Dhairya and says he loves you a lot. Santoshi says I don’t know whats in his mind. Santoshi Maa says when two people each other, they read each other’s mind, eyes can cheat, but not heart, your family is beautiful, sprinkle this water in your house, no Maya can enter your house. Santoshi thanks her.

Tinu orders everyone to clean the house. Seshnath says we have seen such don for the first time. Dhairya is leaving for meeting and kisses Santoshi. He goes. Santoshi sprinkles water in the house. Mangla takes a girl’s avatar and thinks to end their love story today. Mangla steps on the water and comes to her self avatar. Santoshi asks her what is she wearing. Mangla thinks how is Santoshi seeing my real avatar. Devi Paulmi says I will complain to Brahmadev so that Devi Santoshi gets punishment. Santoshi asks Mangla to do work and goes.

Narad tells Brahmadev that Mata Parvati said she will end harmful trees. Devi Paulmi comes and asks how can Santoshi Maa use powers and insult Dev court. Brahmadev asks what crime did she do, tell me, if she used powers, she will be punished. Narad says Santoshi Maa is using Mahadev’s blessings, she is using the water from Mahadev’s kamandal, its not any crime. She apologizes to Brahmadev. He asks her not to judge anything soon, use senses, you can leave now.

Narad says its Amavasya today, bad powers can be ended easily, Mata Parvati needs your Astra to end harmful trees. Brahmadev passes his Astra/weapon to Narad and says take this to Devi Parvati. Narad goes.

Rudrakshi tells Santoshi that her day was good. Santoshi asks kids to be with Sadhvi Maa. Rudrakshi says I have to ask something. Santoshi Maa tells about roses, its beautiful, soft and has good smell, our heart is also soft like this, we look good to others.

Devi Parvati cuts the tree. Devi Paulmi says I have to stop Devi Santoshi from helping Santoshi. Its morning, Santoshi sees Santoshi Maa and asks did you wake up so early, come we will go out, I will take you to Santoshi Maa temple. Santoshi Maa smiles and agrees. Gaumata asks Narad to see Maa and her devotee are so happy.

Santoshi maa and Santoshi come to the temple. Santoshi sings aarti. Narad and Gaumata are glad. Santoshi Maa blesses. Santoshi asks her to fold hands. Devi Paulmi tells Asur Raj that Devi Santoshi is getting happiness on dharti lok, do something that her life gets tough there. Asur Raj says Devi Santoshi is a powerful Devi, you should send some powerful enemy there. She says fine, then I will have someone against her soon.

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