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Santoshi Maa 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi asking Asur Raj to help her. He says just cheat can save you, Devtas got a proof against you. She says big cheat is not possible, help me. He says I can’t do anything in devlok. He goes. She says even Asur raj could not help me, what shall I do now. Santoshi waters plants. Kaka calls servant. Santoshi asks Kaka not to do any work. Kaka asks servant to cut apples and get for them. He says let me roam around and be active. Santoshi says it means you will like good food, tell me what to make. He says you have to take rest. She says I m fine, you know I can’t rest without working, what to make.

Dhairya comes and asks her to make her fav food. Kamini and Trishna look on. Santoshi goes. Dhairya says see, she is behaving such with me, she thinks I m liar, knowing Trishna and Kamini. Kaka says you broke her trust, its not easy to join it, you also left trusting her once, but she kept trying, you should also keep trying. Dhairya nods.

Trishna says its enough, Dhairya is not becoming mine, I will spread news how Dhairya kept me here, did love acting and then when I got pregnant, he is making me leave house. Kamini likes idea. Trishna says let me spread this news against Dhairya, the place will be made.

Rudrakshi prays with the toys. A ball goes. She asks Trishna to get the ball. Trishna asks do you think I m servant, I m no one to you. Rudrakshi says you were ready to become my mummy, I knew your love is fake. Trishna goes to beat her. Santoshi comes. Rudrakshi hugs her. Trishna goes.

Devsabha starts. Devi Paulmi comes there. Brahmadev addresses everyone and says there is some change in universe rules, who is playing with the rules, I did not create this bug, I have sent it to devguru, he said this is created in Asurlok, it means Asurgan got powers to create such, someone from devlok has used this, is someone here connected to this planning. Dev says Devi Paulmi is connected to asurlok. Devi Paulmi says everyone always blame me. Brahmadev says we will find out the matter first. Santoshi Maa tells everything what happened. Devi Parvati says this is challenge to universe rules. Brahmadev says we have to make that child away from that woman’s womb, we have to stop Asur’s birth. Narad asks will it be fine to kill baby in womb. Brahmadev says its wrong, we can’t stop him from birth, we will capture the Asur after birth, we have to find out who dared to do this. Santoshi Maa sees Devi Paulmi.

Rudrakshi says Trishna is very clever, she scolded me, she used to act sweet before. Santoshi says end the anger, I will get toys for you. Rudrakshi says I will complain about Trishna to Dhairya. Santoshi says fine, come with me and have kheer.

Santoshi Maa greets Brahmadev. He says I called you here, I want to know about Devi Paulmi and that baby’s connection, who is that girl around Santoshi, I have no info about her. She tells about Mahadev giving her Rudraksh. He says Mahadev made the entire universe. She says I trust you and Mahadev, whatever you do will be better for universe.

Dhairya comes home. Kamini and Trishna see him. Some women come asking for Dhairya. The lady says we are from women rights organization, we got to know a woman is tortured here. She asks Trishna to tell everything. Trishna says Dhairya wants to make me leave from the house. He gets angry and says I won’t leave you today. Trishna shouts leave me. He refuses. Santoshi stops him. Trishna says he is not believing DNA test reports. Kamini says yes, I can show you reports. She shows reports. The lady scolds Dhairya and says rape case can be filed against you.

Santoshi says sorry, you can’t make a married man marry again. Kaka says Dhairya is married. Santoshi says I m his wife, Trishna did not tell you about me, she knew Dhairya is married, how did she come here to stay alone, if Dhairya is at fault, she is also responsible, you can’t blame my husband alone. Trishna says she is lying, their divorce is happening. Santoshi says my divorce did not happen yet, reason is Trishna, I won’t let him marry again. The ladies talk what to do. The lady says fine, being married does not mean he can ruin a girl’s life, Trishna will get justice, we will help her. Trishna and Kamini smile.

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