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Santoshi Maa 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with pandits talking about lemon plant. They go to talk to Kranti Maa regarding it. Santoshi and Santoshi Maa look on. Kranti Maa says its my land, I m free to do anything here. Pandit requests her not to plant lemon trees here. Kranti Maa says it will be planted here by vastu. Santoshi says fine, pandit ji have havan kund here, the plant will burn. Kranti Maa thinks she is Madhu’s bahu Santoshi. Kranti says fine, you can make havan kund here, but make a wall. Pandit says we have no money to build wall.

Kranti Maa says if you have no money, shall I change planning, why do you pray to such Maa then, give this temple to me and see how I do branding on Santoshi Maa, money will shower, puja is by marketing. Santoshi Maa says humans come here to get free of sorrow, you are joining devotion by greed and selfishness. Kranti Maa says you know how many devotees I have. Santoshi Maa says one who cares for devotees gives them, not takes from them, we can pressurize and make a place in mind, not heart. Kranti Maa says enough, come and meet me if you need gyaan. She goes. Pandit thanks Santoshi Maa.

Devi Paulmi says I got someone to challenge Devi Santoshi on earth, its true she is old enemy, you help her. Tinu asks the people to clean the area. Seshnath says see what is Tinu doing, do something. The man asks Seshnath to become hen and punishes him.

Dhairya asks Ujwal for the newspaper. Ujwal goes. Santoshi asks Dhairya what problem is there if Ujwal wants to marry. Dhairya reminds how Nupur used to trouble her. She asks him to support Ujwal. Servant says Mangla did not come today. Santoshi asks kids did they have breakfast. Paulomika says Mangla gave us breakfast. Rudrakshi says she did not come. Santoshi asks her to have breakfast. Santoshi Maa asks her not to get angry on kids.

She comes to Dhairya and says I went to temple, I got this Rakshasutra for you, shall I tie this to you. He says I won’t have any trouble, thanks for thinking for me. She ties thread to him. He thanks and goes. Kranti Maa arrives. Asur Raj takes disguise and smiles. Kranti Maa angrily crushes a lemon and gives them warning. Santoshi Maa asks Santoshi to get a lemon. Kranti Maa says Madhu is away from me, so bad happened with her. Santoshi Maa asks her to show miracle on this lemon as well. Kranti Maa recalls adding color in the lemon. Santoshi Maa says we know you have injected color in that lemon to show your anger. Asur Raj says no, this can’t happen. Kranti Maa says you are wrong. Santoshi Maa says then take this lemon. Kaka smiles. Kranti Maa asks Santoshi how can she see her insult. Santoshi says I have to take care of my family, and not welcome any superstition, you are better outside the house.

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