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Santoshi Maa 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa saying Trishna’s mum is gathering Asur powers for something big. Gaumata says I saved Santoshi, but she can’t face this strong evil powers. Santoshi Maa says Mahadev stopped me from doing anything. Devi Paulmi laughs and says Gaumata and Santoshi’s last time is close. Kamini talks to old lady and says I have to stay as Trishna’s mum for more days. Santoshi says my doubt was right, she is not Trishna’s mum. Devi Paulmi says you got all the proofs. She sends a dog to Santoshi. The dog barks. The dog bites her hand.

Gaumata looks on. Santoshi falls inside a huge pit. Devi Paulmi catches Gaumata and does not let her go. Gaumata gets freed by Santoshi Maa’s blessings. Gaumata hits the dog and sends him away. Santoshi comes out of the pit. She sees Kamini and other women coming. She hides and runs away. Devi Paulmi says Gaumata tried to come in my way, he has to bear this price.

Santoshi gets shocked seeing an evil dummy and runs from the jungle. Gaumata says I did not get any directions from Mahadev. Santoshi Maa says taking instant and right decisions is sign of smartness, I was not permitted to do anything by Mahadev, that limit was not for you.

Santoshi comes home and thinks Kamini is not Trishna’s mum, I have proof, who will agree to me, Kaka used to listen to me, now he is also in their control, he can be made fine, I have to get that thread. She recalls Kaka putting thread in his pocket. She thinks to go to Kaka’s room in morning by excuse of giving tea.

Its morning, Santoshi asks Pushpa is Kaka in his room. Pushpa says no, he is in Trishna’s room. Santoshi says I will take tea for him, he will come back to room. Dhairya stops Santoshi from going to Kaka. Dhairya gives Kaka’s clothes to dhobi. Santoshi thinks to get that thread. She says I wish Kaka’s clothes, give it to me. Dhairya says you will not touch the clothes. Trishna scolds her. He says if you touch anything or go to Kaka, I will not leave you.

Gaumata says Santoshi is facing tough time. Santoshi Maa says fate has written this for her. Trishna asks Dhairya to come for coffee. They leave. Dadi asks Sharmili to forgive Guddu, you kept many fasts, now when he came back, you are doing this. Sharmili says I love Guddu but…. Dadi asks what but. She says when I think of that Sweety, I hate Guddu. Dadi says I understand, but one giving punishing is more hurt, you are hurt too.

Santoshi goes to the dhobi to get the clothes. The man tells her directions. She looks for the man. He sees a man taking the clothes bad and stops him. She checks Kaka’s clothes. She does not get that thread. The man asks are you finding something. She says there was a thread in pocket. He says I have it. She asks are you joking. He says no. She says then give it to me, its imp. He gives her the thread. She thanks him. He says I also do puja and understood this is useful. She puts clothes back in bag and gives him. Gaumata says Santoshi’s try succeeded. Santoshi Maa says my worry about her got less. Devi Paulmi says you can’t do anything Santoshi, its impossible for you to make thread reach Kaka.

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