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Santoshi Maa 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 30th March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Santoshi caring for Dhairya. Gaumata says I think Devi Paulmi has hurt Dhairya, what are you thinking. Santoshi Maa says your doubt is true, but she is doing this by some medium. Gaumata asks are you saying about that baby. Santoshi Maa says Devi Paulmi can cheat, but she can’t get saved from Brahmadev. Santoshi says we should take him to hospital. Dhairya says no, its aching a lot, now I feel better, I will be fine. Santoshi says he is stubborn, I will get something.

Kamini says you just stand here, see what Santoshi is doing, you can also do something for him. Trishna says leave all that, I have to tell something. She takes Kamini to room and says listen to me, I have to tell you something. She tells Kamini that she thought to break Dhairya’s head and this happened, what I m thinking is happening. Kamini says its good, if your baby is miraculous like locket, we have won, Devi Paulmi did this, now none can harm us.

Santoshi takes care of Dhairya. He holds her hand. He says I know you get hurt when I m hurt, why are you not understanding my pain. She says leave my hand. He signs no. She says I did all thi for humanity, I did nit support you, I wanted to stop Trishna’s bad intentions. She goes. Rudrakshi asks Dhairya not to worry, Santoshi is angry, she will forgive him. Kaka asks Santoshi to forget everything and give a chance to Dhairya. Santoshi asks what shall I forget, he applied for divorce, he insulted me a lot.

Daksha sits as Jogan and tells everyone that Lord Brahma came in her dream. She sees the people’s hands and fools them. A man says Daksha fools everyone by new excuses every day. The people leave. Daksha asks them to listen. Seshnath and Madhuri taunt her. Daksha says I will win the game this time.

Kaka and Rudrakshi ask Santoshi to forgive Dhairya and give him a chance. Santoshi says you are young and can’t understand. Rudrakshi says even Dhairya feels the same, but I understand everything. She goes. Kaka says all is well.

Mahadev comes in Devsabha. Brahmadev says this time Devi Paulmi did this crime and crossed all her limits, she broke the rules, she got powers from Asurs and created a living being, she should be punished. Mahadev asks her to say if she wants to justify, there is no place for lie here, if you lie, I will decide strict punishment for you. Devi Paulmi thinks if I cheat, he can burn me in anger, it will be good to accept crime. He says your silence shows you are accepting your crime.

Brahmadev says you have ashamed me in devlok. Devi Parvati says Devi Paulmi always tried to show down Santoshi Maa in her ego, all Devis and Devtas get powers for welfare of people, she is Indrani, she never thought good, you should not have any powers and not rights of being called a Devi, Brahmadev gave her Devi’s place when she was Asur girl, she always disappointed us. Mahadev asks her to calm down, after Devi Paulmi accepts crime, she is declared culprit, new punishment for her will be given by discussing with everyone. Dev says I think she should be removed from devlok. Brahmadev says her powers are already snatched, so we have to punish her as ordinary member here. Mahadev says you are right, she is powerless now, I send her to tough jail of Devlok. He asks them to treat her like ordinary prisoner. Devi Paulmi thinks I have one way to take revenge of this insult. She says I have a request, my husband is not present here, so I want to take his photo along, its in my prasad kaksh. Devi Parvati asks is this her cheat. Mahadev says fine, you can go there in presence of guards. She goes. Narad praises Mahadev. Everyone smile.

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