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Santoshi Maa 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rudrakshi thinking of her powers. She says I think I m watching cartoons much and thinking all this. Narad tells Brahmadev about Indra’s behavior, I have seen Indra hugging Asur Raj, Devi Paulmi will be making some dangerous plans. Brahmadev says I will see this matter, how can Indra free Devi Paulmi, I will fire him from Indra’s post.

Inspector asks Santoshi to sign on papers. She refuses to sign. He says fine, I will make chargesheet. She says truth can’t hide for long, everyone will know I m innocent. Devi Paulmi says its impossible for Santoshi to get saved now. She laughs.

Gaumata says if Santoshi is proved culprit, her life will be spoiled. Santoshi Maa says I trust Brahmadev, he will meet Mahadev and find some way soon. Santoshi is put up in lockup. Indra greets Narad and Brahmadev. Brahmadev says we did not oppose your decision, when it was wrong, if Devi Paulmi is sent to prison again, it will be your insult, its you duty to control her, it will be good for you and her. Devi Paulmi hears them,

Santoshi says how to make them believe I did not do anything. Dhairya and Rudrakshi come to meet. They see Trishna. Rudrakshi asks Santoshi to be strong, Papa will find some solution. Dhairya promises to get Santoshi freed. Santoshi asks them to get proof, I will get free then. He says I got something for you. He gives her a rose and chocolates. She smiles. He feeds her chocolates. They feed Rudrakshi too. Rudrakshi asks them to promise her, that they won’t cry. Santoshi and Dhairya promise. Dhairya and Rudrakshi leave.

Dhairya says I will go and meet lawyer after dropping you. Rudrakshi asks him to go, she will go home herself. He gives her some money and phone. Daksha says I was finding you. Madhuri asks why. Daksha says I did your work, see this spiritual threads, now you don’t need to get scared of anyone. She thinks to fool them and take money. She praises herself.

Indra worries and thinks how to obey Brahmadev’s command, how to stop wife’s powers. Devi Paulmi comes there. She asks him to come along. She impresses him. He thinks to obey Brahmadev’s command, else he will get exposed. She thinks Indra will always be on my side. His ring shines. She looks on.

She acts to fall. He holds her. She says you are dear to me, promise you will always support me. She hugs him. He worries. He says this ring is a gift from my side. She thanks him. He makes her wear ring. She thinks now he won’t pose problem for me. He thinks your Asur powers will go away by this ring, forgive me. Rudrakshi thinks to go and find Trishna. She sees Kamini talking to someone and says is this Trishna. She goes and sees Trishna. Trishna thinks how did she come here.


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