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Santoshi Maa 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kranti Maa promising to make Santoshi meet Dhairya. She says Lord is one, you have to just worship me, do you agree. Santoshi agrees to do anything to meet Dhairya. Kranti Maa asks her to make Santoshi Maa out of your heart. Santoshi thinks of Dhairya and agrees. Santoshi Maa gets shocked. Kranti Maa says fine, tell my devotees that your Santoshi Maa does not do anything for devotees, Sadhvi Maa is also powerless like her. Santoshi repeats what Kranti Maa says. Devi Paulmi laughs. Kranti Maa asks her will she make her temple and place her idol. She says Santoshi has done tyaag of Santoshi Maa. Santoshi cries.

Kranti Maa says you have become my devotee, you have to remove this locket. Santoshi recalls her dad making her wear the locket. She removes the locket. Daksha asks Tinu to pray for her. Tinu thinks how to tell her that I m that chota Hanuman who is making Seshnath do this. He make excuse and runs. Kaki cries and prays for Santoshi. She asks Kaka to go and get Santoshi, don’t know what game is Kranti Maa praying, Dhairya did not come home since 3 days. Kaka asks her not to worry, Santoshi’s devotion is strong. Ujwal hears them and thinks to deal with Kranti Maa, if I give her half property, she will kill even Santoshi.

Devi Paulmi greets Asur Raj and asks him to get ready to punish Santoshi and Dhairya, we have to sacrifice them and make a new world, where I will be worshipped. He says this will happen, don’t worry. Tinu says my mum is in pain, I can’t make her fine, this locket is useless and can’t help anyone. He throws it and prays to Santoshi Maa to make Daksha fine. Sharmili asks him why is he crying. He says I was praying to Santoshi Maa to make mum fine. She asks him to come home, they will pray.

Dhairya is tied by ropes. He cries and thinks of Santoshi. Kaka asks Rudrakshi to have food, where is Paulomika. She says she is sleeping. He asks is she fine, why is she sleeping till now. He consoles Rudrakshi. He feeds her food. Mangla goes to see Paulomika. She does not find her in room and thinks where did she go, did she wake up and go out. Paulomika comes out. Kaka says don’t know where is my Dhairya. Mangla stops Paulomika. Paulomika asks who are you. Mangla asks what do you mean, you are fooling me. Mangla asks don’t you know your name, and thinks Devi Paulmi did this. Santoshi Maa says Paulomika is doing this being controlled by someone. Mangla asks Paulomika to come. Kaka stops her. Santoshi comes home. They all ask for Dhairya.

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