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Santoshi Maa 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rudrakshi saying I have no problem, I got someone to play with. Dhairya asks her to go out, he will drop her to school. Santoshi says there is something. Daksha and Janardhan talk. Seshnath asks Madhuri is Daksha taking my plan. Daksha tells Janardhan to spend money to get his work done, make fake money. He refuses and says he will not insult Laxmi maiyya. His guards shoot in air to salute him.

Devi Paulmi meets Indra. She says I had some imp work, so I came, I have duty to hide your secret that you are same Devraj. He says you are asking me price to hide truth. She says yes, you have to give a promise. He asks what’s going on in your mind. He says I expect two things, Samaroh is happening in yakshlok, send Devi Santoshi. He asks why. She says just send her. He agrees.

She asks him to do justice. He asks what justice. She says I will tell you when time comes. He says what’s going on in her mind, its out of my limits. Rudrakshi and Paulomika wait for Dhairya. Rudrakshi goes to take flower for her teacher. Dhaira comes and sees Paulomika throwing stone at Rudrakshi. He shouts Paulomika. Rudrakshi falls down. He runs to Rudrakshi. They see a snake near her. Dhairya calms down.

Paulomika gets shocked too. He apologizes and says I felt you wanted to hit Rudrakshi with stone, you have saved her life and hit snake, thanks. Rudrakshi hugs her and thanks.

Santoshi and Kaka come and ask what happened. Dhairya tells them. Santoshi gets shocked. She thanks Paulomika. Kaka says she is brave. Rudrakshi says Paulomika is my best friend now. Paulomika thinks how did this snake come. They all go inside the house. The snake goes. Gaumata says Devi Paulmi is calm, its strange. Indra’s messenger comes and says Devraj wants Santoshi Maa to go as Devlok representative in yakshlok. Santoshi Maa agrees.

Devi Paulmi sees Asur Raj hurt and asks who did this with you. Asur Raj says I got hurt while saving Paulomika, everyone trusts her more now. She asks did you tell them everything. He says don’t worry, the Asurs are ready to sacrifice life for you. She says now see Devi Santoshi, how my idea ruins your identity. Seshnath and Madhuri see Daksha and Janardhan. Seshnath tries to impress Janardhan. Daksha asks him to leave Janardhan. They both argue and pull Janardhan. Seshnath says I want to join your gang. Janardhan laughs and says its not easy, I have some conditions, you have to kill your wife. He gives gun to Seshnath. Madhuri asks did you go mad, he is joking. She runs.

Paulomika thinks how did Rudrakshi get saved. Devi Paulmi calls her and asks her to be careful, very soon I will make good plan to kill either of Rudrakshi and Santoshi. Madhuri tells Dadi that Janardhan has gone mad. Dadi gets shocked. Madhuri cries. Seshnath calls her out. She hides. Daksha smiles. Madhuri tries to get help from from Guddu. She tells everything. Guddu and Sharmili get shocked. They pacify Madhuri.

Its morning. Dhairya wakes up and sees Santoshi. She gets ready. She asks him to wake up, they have to go big temple to apologize for mistake. He says fine, you have to give me something. He pulls her close. Music….plays….

Sharmili says Madhuri has spent the night in tension. Guddu says we will leave. Seshnath hides. He goes to Madhuri. She gets scared seeing gun. She cries and calls out Guddu. Santoshi asks Rudrakshi to take tiffin. Paulomika talks to Devi Paulmi and says I know what I should do now. Rudrakshi calls her. She gives her tiffin. Paulomika thinks I will beat you today, you can’t come back home today. They leave. Santoshi Maa looks on. Madhuri says I love you a lot, why are you killing me. He says I want to do this. Dadi asks Seshnath to listen. Madhuri asks Seshnath to fulfill her last wish. He asks her to say. She says I want to sing. He says fine, sing. Madhuri sings. Dadi angrily goes to beat Seshnath. Madhuri says I love you a lot, don’t do this. He asks her to sacrifice her love. Santoshi Maa and Gaumata go to yaksh lok. Gaumata talks about Paulomika planning against Santoshi and Rudrakshi. Santoshi Maa says Rudrakshi will answer Paulomika.


Santoshi Maa 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Santoshi Maa kills an animal, who turns into Asur. She gets shocked. Indra punished Santoshi Maa and says you will stay as ordinary woman from now on.