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Santoshi Maa 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi coming to Sumukhi. Sumukhi says I can manage Narad, but not Santoshi Maa, if they know truth, Narad will curse me. Devi Paulmi says don’t worry, even if Narad curses, he will curse your husband which will be good, your husband doesn’t have any shadow, he has to give him a shadow first. They get shocked seeing Narad and Santoshi Maa. Narad asks Sumukhi/Devi Rati why did she cheat him. He asks her to come to her real form. Devi Rati comes to her true avatar. He gets sad.

He says you were married and tried to end my tapasya, you made fun of my love, why. Devi Paulmi says it was not her mistake, she was doing this on her husband Kamdev’s saying, you get angry on him. Narad says you said right, I also feel its not their mistake, its your mistake, you have planned this against me, you have done a crime to end a tapasvi’s tapasya, they did work according to you, I have trusted you a lot, you broke my trust, why.

Santoshi Maa asks Narad to calm down. Narad says I went against my dad because of you Devi Paulmi. She defends. He shouts enough, don’t cross your limits, my illusion broke today, belief, heart and relation shouldn’t be broken, it has much pain, I have protested against Mata Santoshi, like you made me forget my Lord, your lover Devraj Indra will forget you forever, this is my curse. Devi Paulmi gets shocked. It thunders in Devlok. Santoshi Maa says my sympathy is with you, I hope you will change after getting this punishment. Narad apologizes to her. She says its not your mistake. Devi Parvati says Devi Paulmi got punished. Devi Laxmi says she shouldn’t have done this. Devi Saraswati says Devi Paulmi would have succeeded if Santoshi Maa didn’t intervene. Devi Paulmi apologizes to Narad. He scolds her. He asks Santoshi Maa to come.

Brahmadev says Devi Santoshi is great, she stopped a big disaster from happening. Narad asks Santoshi Maa to go to her place, he will go and apologize to Brahmadev. He goes. Santoshi asks Dadi to visit her, she misses all of them.

Prabal thinks humans became weak by emotions. Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa about Prabal. Santoshi and Dhairya leave with Prabal. Devi Paulmi meets Asur Raj and tells about Narad’s curse. He says I m prisoner so I can’t take help from Asur lok, don’t worry, find some way. Dhairya praises Santoshi. He asks her not to be sad, else he can’t drive the car. He says we will visit family often. She agrees. Prabal thinks this is perfect place to kill Dhairya, I will stop his car by some way. The car breaks down. Dhairya thinks what happened to car suddenly. He gets down the car.

Prabal thinks this is right time to kill Dhairya, I should end my work soon. Dhairya says I call for mechanic. He makes the call and says it will take some time. Prabal sees his shadow. He goes to hold Dhairya. The mechanic comes and checks the car. Prabal says he is asking for double money, he is using our problem. Dhairya says its fine, Prabal be quiet, we have to leave. Mechanic repairs the car. The car gets fine. They leave. Dhairya says Daksha should do meditation. She says yes, she does something silly. Prabal thinks a chance went, I have to find another chance.

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