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Santoshi Maa 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 6th April 2017 watch online HD on 

The Episode starts with Santoshi asking Dhairya not to hurt himself, we can’t get past back, but we can make future better. He says I got mad Santoshi, I could not understand anything, how shall I apologize to you, I did not trust you. She says its fine, don’t trouble yourself, you stop crying now, what will Rudrakshi think if she sees us, she will say elders do young ones’ work, Kaka and Rudrakshi would be waiting, come. They go.

Rudrakshi and Kaka play. Kaka asks them to play with Rudrakshi, she is making me lose. Rudrakshi says you can’t make me lose. Dhairya and Santoshi play with her. They laugh. They make Rudrakshi win. Kaka says I m tired now. Santoshi says me too. Dhairya says it means Rudrakshi has won. She gets glad. Kaka says Dhairya, why don’t we keep reception, you both married twice, you are going to adopt Rudrakshi, we will make announcement. Dhairya agrees. Rudrakshi says I will dance with you.

Kaka says you have bear a lot, it will be good if you go on holiday with them, you will get some change. Rudrakshi says yes. Santoshi says we can go if she wants. Kaka asks him to go. Dhairya says fine, I will go and get ready.

Madhuri and Seshnath talk about Daksha. He asks where did she go. She says maybe Maayka. He says she would have taken Tinnu along. She says yes and asks Tinnu. He says she went to Nani’s house. They think.

Santoshi Maa comes with the devsena. Devi Paulmi smiles. Some part of the sena dies by the blast. She laughs. Santoshi Maa scolds her. She says I give you a final chance to surrender. Devi Paulmi says I know you are saying this to stop your failure, but war will happen. Vajramushti comes there and looks on. Devi Paulmi attacks on Santoshi Maa and catches her. Santoshi Maa prays.

Santoshi and Rudrakshi buy balloons. Dhairya smiles. Itti si khushi…..plays………. Trishna comes there and greets him. He gets angry. She asks are you missing me, I m going to file rape case against you, you will go jail, away from Santoshi, don’t worry, I will come to meet you. He says I won’t leave you. She goes. Santoshi sees Dhairya going after her. She says he went in anger and takes an auto to follow him.

Santoshi Maa gets free of evil powers. She attacks Devi Paulmi. Dhairya runs after Trishna and reaches tantric place. He steps on rope and gets hanged. Trishna gets a sword and points to him. She says welcome, if you are not mine, you can’t be of anyone else, your death is written in my hands today. She is about to strike him. Santoshi comes and stops her. She asks Dhairya is he fine. Trishna goes to attack again. Santoshi stops her. They fight. Rudrakshi helps Dhairya. Trishna puts sword on Santoshi’s neck. Santoshi pushes her. Dhairya cuts the rope. Santoshi sees a trishul and points at Trishna.


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