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Santoshi Maa 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Trishna hiding seeing Rudrakshi coming. Rudrakshi sees the metal grills pulled aside. She thinks how did the rod get twisted, I will try to make it fine, else any thief will come. She holds the rods and make it find. Santoshi Maa blesses her. She goes. Trishna says how did this happen, how did rod get straight. Kamini says pull it again Trishna, you can do it. Trishna says its not moving, you made this straight, I have seen Rudrakshi coming. They worry thinking how can this happen. Kamini says my heart is saying, that girl has some power like Santoshi, we have to make her out of here. Trishna says we can make her out when we get out of here. She prays to Devi Paulmi.

Devi Paulmi says I don’t understand how to help her, I can help her by using some creature. She laughs and sends a fly to Dhairya. Dhairya gets disturbed in sleep and says how did this fly come. Seshnath takes chadava and blesses everyone. Seshnath signs Sharmili. He plays radio and says I think Seshnath is sending message for me. He acts.

He says Seshnath said the real devotee will get this chadava. They all say we are best devotee. Seshnath asks them to give a test. He asks Sharmili to get water in utensil. He asks the devotees to put hand in the water, the one whose hand leaves color in water will be real devotee.

Dhairya tries to kill the fly and goes out of the room. He sees the lock on Trishna’s room door. Trishna asks him to get them out. He asks who locked you in room. Kamini says Santoshi locked us, she thinks she is controlling you, open the door. Dhairya asks them not to worry.

Seshnath makes everyone dip hands in water. No one’s hand change colors. He asks Daksha to do the test, you can be best devotee of Seshnath. Daksha puts her hands in water. He praises Daksha. Daksha thinks I got all this chadava easily. Seshnath says I have to send best devotee to Seshnath, it means Daksha has to take Samadhi, don’t worry, just for one night, she will go and come back. Daksha worries.

Dhairya goes to Santoshi and takes her, asking her to free Trishna and Kamini. Santoshi opens the lock. Rudrakshi comes and looks on. She asks what’s happening. Trishna comes out and hugs Dhairya, saying she was too scared inside the room. She tries making him wear the locket. Rudrakshi sees Trishna and pulls Dhairya. The locket falls. Rudrakshi picks it and makes it sand. Kamini and Dhairya ask Trishna is she fine. Kamini says make Dhairya wear that locket fast. Trishna says yes, but that locket, don’t know it fell here.

Kamini asks Rudrakshi what’s in her hand. Rudrakshi shows there is nothing, but sand. Devi Paulmi says this girl has ruined the locket. Gaumata says Rudrakshi is going in right direction. Trishna says don’t know where did that locket go.

Trishna asks Dhairya to make Rudrakshi leave. He says I promised her that she can stay here, she saved my life. She says I don’t know anything, tell her to leave. He says please stop it, I m mentally disturbed. He goes. Santoshi and Rudrakshi look on. Kamini comes to Trishna and says I went to find a solution for your problem. She shows a bottle. Trishna asks what’s this. Kamini says this is chlorofom, we will use this on Rudrakshi. They smile.

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