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Santoshi Maa 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi getting Kranti Maa home. Kaki asks what’s happening. Kranti Maa says she got senses, so she started worshipping me. She asks Santoshi to remove Santoshi Maa’s idol from house. She insists. Santoshi Maa looks on. Santoshi thinks I m doing this to save my husband, forgive me. She takes the idol. Everyone gets shocked. Santoshi Maa looks on and says Santoshi is not leaving Dharm, she is doing a wife’s duty, its her test, it looks she is leaving me, but see her heart, she is in pain, when a daughter gets away from mum, we can’t know her pain.

Kranti Maa asks her to make idol away from her sight. Santoshi takes the idol. Kaki asks are you mad to insult Santoshi Maa. Santoshi says don’t say anything to Kranti Maa, I request you all, let me do all this, don’t stop me. She places Kranti Maa’s pic. Kaka says everyone is free to do puja of one they like. Kranti Maa says my devotees wash my feet. She asks Paulomika to worship her. Santoshi washes her feet and asks Paulomika to do as Kranti Maa says. Paulomika refuses. Santoshi asks don’t you remember me, why are you talking like this. Paulomika says no, I don’t even know how I came here. They all get shocked.

Devi Paulmi says there is no place left for Santoshi Maa. She goes to Santoshi Maa and says I know you are very upset, so I came here to share your sorrow. Santoshi Maa says you would have not know, a real devotee can put Lord in test, its a test and result will be known. Devi Paulmi says we will see results. She goes. Santoshi Maa says Devi Paulmi does not know what will happen ahead.

Santoshi chants Kranti Maa’s name. Kranti Maa thinks I will become powerful by killing Santoshi. She goes. Santoshi tells Kaki that Santoshi Maa is in her heart and body, all this was an acting, I did this to get Dhairya. Santoshi Maa smiles. Santoshi says I m trying to get Dhairya back, I can beg to anyone to get my husband. Kaka and Kaki smile. Santoshi asks Paulomika why did she say she does not identify anyone. She hugs Paulomika and cries. She asks Paulomika not to worry. Kaka says I will take Paulomika to doctor. Santoshi comes to Kranti Maa. Kranti Maa asks did that man come today. She thinks will I get trapped. Santoshi asks her to make her meet Dhairya. Kranti Maa asks her to wait. Asur Raj comes. Santoshi asks who is he. Kranti Maa says he is one who will take you to Dhairya. Santoshi says then we will go soon. Asur Raj says you have to do as I say. Santoshi thinks how many tests she has to give to meet Dhairya.

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