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Santoshi Maa 7th February 2017 Written Update


Santoshi Maa 7th February 2017 Written Update and Santoshi Maa 7th February 2017 video watch online

The Episode starts with Santoshi showing the video. Devi Paulmi makes the phone off. Santoshi checks and plays video again, where someone else is seen instead Kamini. Kamini smiles. Santoshi thinks how did this happen. Devi Paulmi says you won’t be able to stand against my devotee, something bad is going to happen today. Santoshi Maa says wrong doer chooses wrong path for himself. Kamini thinks Devi Paulmi saved me. Dhairya scolds Santoshi. He gets back, as Santoshi has thread in her head. Kaka starts acting and scolds Santoshi.

Everyone go. Kamini tells Trishna that its Amavasya night, your every problem will end, remember till I m there none should know about me. Santoshi hears this. She goes and thinks how did Kamini disappear in video, what was she saying, there is something going on. Kaka comes and asks why did Kamini’s pic not come in video. Santoshi says I heard Kamini and Trishna talking, someone opened the house gate. Kamini is going to do Sadhna. Kamini goes.

Santoshi and Kaka follow Kamini. Kamini goes ahead. The old lady asks Kamini what will she sacrifice to please Devi Paulmi. Kamini says I will tell later, we should start rituals. The old lady asks her to sit. Kaka and Santoshi miss out Kamini’s track. Kaka says maybe we are on wrong path. Santoshi says no, we will go ahead and then check the route. She stumbles and sees the pit. She says we are on right path, come.

Kamini prays. The evil magic ladies pour sindoor on her and do rituals. Santoshi and Kaka hide and look on. The old lady asks Kamini where is the Ahuti. Kaka says we have to keep Dhairya away from them. Santoshi tells about servant putting petrol on himself, you were their target, they wanted to kill you.

The women take rounds. The old lady says time is passing, where is your sacrifice. Kamini laughs and says I will sacrifice a human, not any animal. She shows Santoshi and Kaka. Santoshi and Kaka hear this and get shocked. Kamini and evil women smile and catch them. They tie Kaka and Santoshi. Kamini says I have planned everything to trap you, I knew when Santoshi knows about my plan, she will come here, you have come, but you will die.

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