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Santoshi Maa 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka going to get Kaki’s pic. Rudrakshi says we can ask mumma how Kaki looks. They go. Kaka gets pic and sees them gone. Santoshi asks her to check Kaka’s clothes, he always leaves money. Rudrakshi and Paulomika come and talk to her. Paulomika tries to show the shirt. Dhairya throws the shirt. Santoshi asks them to go now, don’t trouble. She sends them. Daksha scares a man and laughs. The man apologizes. She asks him to write things list. The man says I will send everything. She asks him to go and laughs.

Rudrakshi says where did Paulomika go, I will get ready. She takes her books. She rests. Santoshi Maa gives her crown. Gaumata says I will come along with you. Santoshi Maa says I will always miss you, you can’t come with me. Gaumata says I will always be with you. Santoshi Maa explains her not to break rules. Gaumata apologizes and says I will do puja of your belongings, I will wait for your comeback.

Paulomika calls Devi Paulmi and says yes, I added medicine in Rudrakshi’s food, don’t know how she got saved, Dadi is coming home. Devi Paulmi says great, it will be easy to make her against Santoshi, do as I say, then see the fun. Rudrakshi says why did Paulomika not come, how will I know about my homework. She tells Santoshi that Paulomika did not give her homework copy. Paulomika asks why are you lying, copy is beside you. She shows book. Rudrakshi says why did I not see it. Paulomika smiles and shows her homework. Santoshi thinks Rudrakshi does not leave chance to complain about Paulomika. She asks them to study and have milk.

Santoshi Maa takes ordinary avatar. Gaumata showers flowers in her way. Santoshi Maa meets Devis and takes blessings. Devi Parvati says Devi Santoshi accepted punishment, but injustice happened with her. Devi Laxmi says we can do anything for justice. Devi Saraswati says we will get justice for her.

The man delivers goods and says Daksha asked me to get this. Janardhan scolds Daksha for thinking so small. He asks them to do something big. He asks his men to pay double and send the man. The man gets glad. Daksha tells her plan to Seshnath.

Asur lady cries her pain. Indra asks what do you want. She says promise me you will hear my prayers. He promises her. She says send me on Dhartilok so that I pray to Shiv and get death, I want to pass my life on earth. He says even Vishnu had to take birth to go on earth. She says I won’t die in devlok, if I stay in sorrow, I will not let Devis get happiness. He says this decision is not in my control, I will talk to devgan. She asks him to fulfill her wish.

Daksha and Seshnath kidnap a boy. Janardhan laughs and praises them. The boy says you can become very rich, ask much money from my dad, give me food now. Janardhan asks Daksha to give food to boy. Seshnath says I will treat him well.

Indra tells everyone about the Asur lady, how to sent the Asur lady on earth. Devgan blame Devi Santoshi. Devi Parvati says Devi Santoshi did not do this by some plan. Devi Paulmi asks Indra to do justice with widow woman. Indra says I request everyone to keep opinion. Devgan asks him to send lady to earth. Devi Paulmi smiles and thinks see how I snatch contentment from Devi Santoshi’s devotees, I will send Asurs on earth and spread jealousy, anger, hatred and bad qualities. Santoshi talks to the man. Paulomika throws Dhairya’s shirt. Santoshi gets a call and passes the shirt. The lady says I m sending a nanny by your application. Santoshi says when did I ask for nanny, fine send her. Paulomika stops the man and takes the shirt.

Gaumata does aarti and misses Santoshi Maa. Paulomika gives Dhairya’s shirt to Santoshi. Santoshi sees the lipstick mark on Dhairya’s shirt and gets shocked. She recalls Dhairya’s words. She says this time I can’t bear this. She throws the shirt and says Dhairya can’t do this, I will go mad. Paulomika thinks I will wait for Dhairya to come. Santoshi says everyone hug and greet Dhairya in office, maybe this happened by mistake, I will not do anything in anger, I will ask Dhairya and get answer.

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