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Santoshi Maa 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Santoshi Maa 8th April 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa getting unaffected by Devi Paulmi’s attacks. Santoshi Maa prays. Devi Paulmi sends a huge Asur, who crushes the devsena under his feet. Devsena gets less in number. The sand storm occurs. Devsevak gets on it and shoots at the asur. The asur giant falls down. Devgans chant Devi Santoshi’s name. Rajkumar punchak comes and tells about Devraj Indra kidnapping his wife, I decided I will make Indra away from his dear ones, I prepared a poison for him, if you shoot that poison at Devi Paulmi, her end is definite. Santoshi Maa says revenge is taken by power, not by cheat, how did you think I can take help of Adharm. He apologizes and goes. Narad says you are great. Everyone praise her.

Devi Paulmi prays and gets a huge weapon Asurshastra. Narad says Devi Paulmi is cheating, this Asurshastra is very dangerous than Brahmastra, it will just destroy everything. Asur Raj says yes, Devi Santoshi can’t face this.

Santoshi thinks of Trishna. Rudrakshi asks her will you and Dhairya dance with me. Santoshi says I m worried for some work. Daksha asks Kamini what does she want to give. Trishna comes. Kamini asks Daksha to close her eyes. Daksha closes eyes. Trishna smiles and enters Daksha. Kamini says go Trishna, won your war. Daksha says yes mom…. and goes.

Santoshi and Rudrakshi decorate the house. Daksha comes home and see them. Seshnath asks Daksha what’s the plan, tell me. Daksha/Trishna gets angry. He asks why are you staring at me, give me half money silently. She slaps him. He gets shocked. Santoshi asks servant to keep sofas away to make space. Dhairya asks her to check the guestlist, call your family and invite them. She stays worried. He says Trishna can’t harm me, don’t worry.

Dadi says Santoshi called us for a function. Guddu says great, we can meet Santoshi. Dadi says they are calling us for their reception. Madhuri says we will go to have food for free. Sharmili says greed is bad. Madhuri says I was just joking. Daksha gets tea for Santoshi and asks her to have tea.

Brahmadev asks Narad to go and ask Devi Santoshi to stay alert. Narad goes to Santoshi Maa and says Devi Paulmi is going to cheat, she is going to use Asur Shastra, protect yourself. Devi Paulmi prepares the Asur Shastra and releases it towards Devsena. Everyone worry. Santoshi Maa prays and takes a giant avatar. All the nine devis come in her. The Asur Shastra could not strike her, and gets ineffective. They all chant Santoshi Maa’s name. The Asur Shastra goes back to Asur sena, and Devi Paulmi. Asur sena runs away. Devi Paulmi gets shocked. Asur Raj asks Devi Paulmi to stop Asur Shastra, else Asur lok will be ruined. She says no, it will be my failure. He asks her to be sensible, you have to stop Asur Shastra, its my command. Devi Paulmi prepares to stop the Asurastra. Asur astra bursts in air. Narad and everyone chant Devi Santoshi’s name.

Rudrakshi comes to see Santoshi and says where did she go. She sees the tea cup kept there. Dhairya calls Santoshi and can’t connect her. He worries for her. Daksha/Trishna look on. Kaka asks servants to find her. Daksha says don’t worry, she will be around, she will come. Rudrakshi says she was going to market with me, where did she go. Dhairya worries.

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