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Santoshi Maa 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya and Santoshi fixing the window grill. She says I will ask for water. She asks the man for water. The man scolds her. Dhairya goes to fight and gets beaten up. The man locks them. Devi Parvati says we have no option than to wait. Devi Paulmi turns into a butterfly and comes there to hear their talk. Narad comes and greets them. He says Indra is working as Devi Paulmi is saying, its useless to wait for him. Santoshi Maa says we need his help to cut that magic. Narad says you have one way, Paulomika. She says her memory is lost, how will she help. Narad says she can regain memory by Devi Saraswati’s help. Devi Saraswati says I can help if the girl prays to me. Santoshi Maa tries to contact Paulomika.

Devi Paulmi says my ansh will never pray to you Devi Saraswati.Rudrakshi tries to remind Paulomika and takes her to temple. Dhairya says what will we do if we don’t get water. Mangla catches Paulomika and takes her. Rudrakshi looks for her. Mangla says Santoshi has killed your mum, you are Devi Paulmi’s creation, she has sent you here to take revenge. Mangla reminds her the old revenge. Paulomika nods. She says I will fulfill my revenge. Devi Paulmi laughs.

Santoshi Maa says she is surrounded by negativity again. Devi Saraswati says now the way got tough. Narad asks them to send Gaumata. Santoshi Maa says no, Devi Paulmi can get her punished. He says I will find some idea. Devi Parvati says you can try, but I find it impossible. Santoshi sees water and shows Dhairya some way to get it. He says we need a stick for this. She tears her pallu and ties the cloth to the stick. They try to get water, but fail. Dhairya says this idea won’t work. She says I got an idea, we will not ask for water, Kranti Maa will give me water. She says its time for my puja, take me to Kranti Maa, I do her puja at this time. The man refuses. She says fine, if Kranti Maa gets annoyed, I will take your name. The man thinks what to do.

Kaka and Rudrakshi look for Paulomika. Kaka sees her and says we have to go to doctor, come, you are Santoshi’s daughter, don’t be scared, come. Paulomika goes to stab him. Rudrakshi comes and says you are here, I was finding you. Santoshi Maa says Paulomika can attack anyone, I can’t send Gaumata for help. Narad comes and greets them. He says I found a middle way, Devraj Indra has sent his messenger on earth, we can send Gaumata to help him, Gaumata will not get punished. They like the idea. Devi Saraswati asks Santoshi Maa not to think much, he is saying right.

Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata to go on earth and make Paulomika pray to Devi Saraswati, Kumbak will be there to help you, I will talk to Brahmadev. Devi Parvati says remember, Paulomika has evil powers. Gaumata goes. The man takes Santoshi to Kranti maa. Santoshi asks him to give water for puja. He refuses. Santoshi says I want water to wash feet of Kranti Maa, I will bath with that water and apologize, I will not miss this chance today. Kranti Maa asks the man to get water for her. Santoshi thinks we will find way to go out of this Mayavi village now.

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