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Santoshi Maa 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi introducing Mangla to the kids. Mangla sees Paulomika and thinks she is Devi Paulmi’s daughter. She says she is lovely girl and hugs her. Santoshi Maa thanks the birds. The bird asks her to come to Sarovar and have some food. Santoshi Maa goes with them. Daksha scolds Pappu and refuses to give him any food. She calls his dad and threatens to kill him. The man asks her to do anything and does not care.

Rudrakshi makes everyone sit. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi Maa will not get any hut to stay and laughs. Rudrakshi asks Dhairya to give his phone to play a song, we will dance and then Dhairya and Santoshi can cut cake. He says fine, I will connect my phone to bluetooth speakers. The kids perform on Hai na bolo bolo….. Devi Paulmi’s bird ruins the hut.

Devi Paulmi says like this hut ruined, Santoshi’s life will also get ruined. Rudrakshi asks Dhairya to come and dance. He gets a call. He asks Rudrakshi to answer. A lady asks Dhairya where is he, when he promised to be with her today. Dhairya says I don’t know whose call is it. They all get shocked. The lady ends call. Santoshi goes. Kaka asks her to listen to Dhairya. She cries in room.

Dhairya says I don’t know who was that lady, open the door. Kaka asks him to say truth, who was that lady. Dhairya says I really don’t know. Kaka says call her, I want to talk to her. Dhairya says the number can’t be traced, we can’t call back, someone is joking with us, how shall I explain. Kaka says who can do this. They all ask Santoshi to open the door. Santoshi says how many tests will Maa take. Kaka says let her calm down, then we will talk to her.

Santoshi Maa sees the hut ruined. Bird says how did this happen. We will punish the one who did this. Santoshi Maa asks him not to get angry, we will make hut again. She starts making hut. Rudrakshi says Dhairya would tell about lady if he knows, we will make them talk, come, I have an idea. Dhairya asks Santoshi to open the door. He says I don’t know who did the call, who is that woman. Kaka says but I heard the call myself, you find out truth, who called.

Dhairya says I will find out who called. He calls and tries to find out who called him and from where. He tells Kaka that someone did internet call, we can’t trace it. Kaka says someone who is jealous of your happiness did this. He says who can it be. Paulomika says I told you Rudrakshi, aunty will not open the door. Rudrakshi thinks to do something.

Daksha says we should return the boy. Seshnath says no, it will be insult. Janardhan says see what I do now. Kaka and Dhairya wait for Santoshi. Rudrakshi acts of stomach pain. Dhairya and Kaka ask what happened. She winks. She screams. Dhairya says Santoshi has to open door. Santoshi opens the door and comes out. Kaka asks them to take Rudrakshi to hospital. He thinks till Rudrakshi is there in their life, none can separate them. Paulomika thinks Rudrakshi can make them talk. Rudrakshi says doctor uncle was good, I want to have icecream. They have icecream. Dhairya tries to talk to Santoshi. He thanks Rudrakshi.

Janardhan wakes up Pappu. He asks him to get them ransom. Pappu says you have to wait for a month till my dad gets sure that I m kidnapped and my mum asks him to get me back home. Mangla tells Paulomika that Devi Paulmi has sent her. Gaumata says devi Paulmi has sent her evil powers, she did wrong. Mangla says now we both will do this work. Narad comes and greets Santoshi Maa. She asks about her devotees. He says your devotees are with good qualities, they are getting affected by bad powers, till when will they stay on devotion path, you have to help them, you should have told Indra why did you took that step, you have to ask for justice.

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