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Sanyukt 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Sanyukt 13th February 2017 Watch Online Episode on

Rahul sees Sameer/Sam talking over phone to Shree/Tanu and calling her didi. Once Sam finishes call, Rahul asks him who is this didi. He says his friend who takes care of him like an elder sister. Rahul he is making new relationships now a days, will he forget is brother. Sam says why will he. Rahul invites him for a drink and he denies and suggests him to stop his addiction. Rahul leaves.

Ila looks at Rita’s modeling pics and asks Uday what is the difference in these pics and present Rita. Uday says there is no difference and asks her not to disturb him in studies and go and study somewhere else. She says she came here first. He says she did not notice, he was already present. Door bell rings. Ila says Parimal must have come and opens door. Uday taunts her that she is afraid of her son. She says now a days, parents have to be afraid of children. Parimal enters and asks serve him food, he is very hungry. Rita enters next and asks Ila if Gayatri brought children from school. Ila says not yet. Rita yells she does not trust Gayatri. Parimal hears her and confronts what does she mean. She says she mean what he heard. He asks what did Gayatri do. She says a lot, which she does not have time to describe, the face is everyone are with Niranjan, even he took food for Niranjan. He asks what wrong did he do. Gayatri comes and tells before she could reach school, Niranjan took children. Rita yells that she sent children with Niranjan and they are all against her.

Sam sweetly talks with Prachi and says he will get her 1 week leave and let her spend quality time with her boyfriend. She asks to be specific. He tells her plan how to get Hetal on track. Hetal starts searching him and thinks she was unnecessarily rude with Sam. Uday calls her and asks where are Sam and Rahul and informs that Niranjan kidnapped (father kidnapping own children??) children. Hetal informs Rahul and Sam. Sam speaks to Uday and asks him to relax. Hetal says she will accompany him. He asks why she is concerned about his family, she herself created unnecessary barrier between then. She says they will talk about it later. He says women are impossible.

At home, Rita continues crying. Ila tries to console her, but she says they are all with Niranjan and just acting. Ila says she is not. Rita asks if she will complain police that a rogue kidnapped her children, will she go against her son to get her daughter’s children back. Ila says she will.

Sanyukt 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Hetal tells Ila that Shree is a counselor and should explain Rita that children should be kept away from their father. Ila says Shree thinks Rita’s mental condition is not stable yet. Hatal goes to Shree and shouts what does she think of herself. Rahul’s photo falls from Shree’s hand.

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