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Sanyukt 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Sanyukt 14th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

Rita asks Ila if she will file police complaint against her own son Niranjan for kidnapping children. Ila says yes, she will. Parimal confronts how can they allege a father of kidnapping his children, he will not let them do this. Rita says he always took Niranjan side. Ila warns him to back off. Parimal says though they are wrong, he will help them and call his inspector friend here. Rita says he does not trust him and walks away with Ila. Parimal says he will accompany them to police station, though they are wrong and says they will forget problems between them and nobody will express their mistrust for each other.

Rahul with Sam and Hetal comes and asks if Niranjan called back. Parimal says no, so they are going to file police complaint. Hetal asks how can they file police complaint against a father. Ila confronts. They all area about to go to police station, when Niranjan brings children. Parimal slaps him repeatedly and says he did wrong. Niranjan continues trying to explain him. Children plead not to slap their father and tell they were out of school when papa found them and explained not to leave mama alone and be with her. Parimal feels guilty and says he would have picked call at least. Niranjan if he had called them, they would not have believed him and he has lost their trust. Rita starts yelling at Niranjan that he betrayed her, but she did not file divorce, if he ever tries to meet children, she will file divorce with proof and also file other charges. Niranjan says he will not meet children from here on and asks children to hug him once. They hug him. He asks them not be with mom and not cry. Rita reminisces Niranjan and Maya’s video and angrirly asks children to go in. Ila warns Parimal if he comes here again, she will kill him.

Back home, Ila speaks to Hetal and asks why did not she come home again. Hetal says she is busy at cafeteria and gives her number to call anytime. Ila says she and Shree are boon to her family as they handled Rita well. Ila says Rita cannot stop children from meeting Nirajan and Shree’s duty is to explain Rita about it. Ila says Shree thinks Rita’s mental condition is not yet ready for it. Once Ila leaves, Hetal tells Sam that she is going to meet Shree and tell remind her of her duties.

Hetal enters Shree/Tanu’s office and sees her crying holding her and Rahul’s pic. Shree drops photo down seeing her and it falls backside up. Hetal starts confronting her that she has forgotten her duties and did not tech Rita that she cannot stop children from meeting their father. Shree says it is not like that..Hetal continues confronting Tanu.

Sanyukt 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Hetal confronts Tanu that she does not understand family relationship. Tanu says she is thinking wrong. Hetal says if she was right, she would have held papa’s pic and not her boyfriend’s.

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