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Sanyukt 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Rita tells Ila that she needs divorce from Niranjan. Ila is having dinner with family. Whole family gets tensed. Ila asks what happened, why she took sudden decision. She says she does not want children craving for father, so she wants to divorce Niranjan and take complete custody of children. Gayatri says she cannot break relationship so easily. Rita says when there is nothing left in relationship, it is better to break them. Parimal says she should not take decision in anger and should take decision with calmer mind. Rita says there is nothing to think now and walks out. Parimal asks if Ila if she will support Rita in her wrong decision. Ila says yes she will. Rahul says this is wrong. Sameer says Rita has right to take divorce. Parimal says Rita cannot keep children away from father, it

is very wrong. Rahul, Sameer, and Gaaytri agree. Ila says she has promised Rita to support her and will not back off. Rahul and Sameer consoles Parimal and

Rita washes he face in washroom and cries loudly. Falak and Bejal silently enter and run picking her mobile. Falk tries to unlock phone to call Niranjan, but password is changed. They both keep back phone, walk out and sit sadly on stairs. Gayatri sees them and says it is very cold outside, they should get into room. They both says no. Gayatri asks why they are sad. Falak says they took mamma’s mobile to call papa, but phone password is changed. They request Gayatri if she will help them speak to their papa. Gayatri agrees and says let us go to room. Rita comes and angrily asks them to get back to their room. Gayatri tries to speak, but Rita angrily leaves.

Gayatri calls Shree/Tanu and requests her to come and meet Rita once as she is very distressed. Shree says she was going home and will meet Rita on the way. She calls Niranjan and informs him that she is going to his home to meet Rita, though will check Rita’s state of mind and talk about him, for her Rita’s treatment is first. Niranjan agrees.

Tanu reaches Mehta house and rings bell. Sameer opens door and asks if she is Hetal’s elder sister. She says yes and asks if he is Hetal’s first crush Sameer. He asks what. Gayatri comes and calls her Shree. Sameer asks if she Tanu is Shree. Gayatri says yes, Rita’s counselor. Sameer asks Tanu what did she tell, Hetal’s crush. She says yes, but why is he so excited. Gayatri takes her in. Sameer gets very happy and Tujhme khoya rahoon…song plays in the background.

Sanyukt 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Rahul asks Ila why bapuji hated Tanu so much that he rejected her without meeting. Ila says bapuji had his own reasoning and asks to forget Tanu and move on like Tanu moved on. Rahul shouts he will not forget her. Tanu hears his voice.

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