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Sanyukt 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sameer and Uday laugh when Gayatri tells with bhooton wala injection/botox, Rita will look young. They take her to Rita’s room and say Gayatri has a solid solution to make her look young. Gayatri says bhooton wala injection which Bollywood stars use to look young. Rita also laughs along them. Uday says meri maa it is Botox. Rita says thank you, but she does not need any injection. Sam says he has fixed her appointment with his beautician friend and she has appointment tomorrow morning. Uday says they will see ultramodern chachi tomorrow.

Next morning, Gayatri serves breakfast to family. Parimal asks where did maa go in the morning. Gayatri says she has gone out with Rita and will be back soon. Rahul comes speaking to investor for café. Parimal says he can take loan from bank. Rahul says cafeteria papers are not that strong, so he spoke to a private investor and everything is set. Sam gets happy and murmurs Hates will be very happy hearing this. Rahul stops him and says he is so eager to make Hates happy. Uday smirks. Parimal scolds him to finish food and then study. Bejal says she studied well and recites ABCD. Parimial smiles.

Ila returns with Rita after Rita’s make over. Gayatri opens door and is surprised to see Rita’s new look. She and Ila hide Rita behind them and then present her in front of family. Rahul, Sam, and Uday praise Rita’s new look. Parimal gets angry and leaves. Family showers praises. Falak and Bejal ask who is this aunty. They says she is their mamma. Praises continue.

Gayatri notices Parimal angry and walks behind her. Parimal fumes that maa is doing wrong. Gayatri says what is wrong if maa is helping Rita fulfill her dream of becoming actress. Parimal angrily goes to Ila and says she is doing really wrong by ingoring her own son Niranjan and helping her bahu in all her wrong ways, what will happen if bapuji comes back from ashram.

Sanyukt 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Ila says Parimal that when bapuji stopped Rita from becoming actress, Rita shattered, now she will not let Rita’s dream shatter and will help her fulfill her dream. Parimal asks what will she tell when Bapuji comes. Ila says she will not keep quiet this time.

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