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Sanyukt 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sanyukt 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Sanyukt 23rd February 2017 video watch online on

Ila cries seeing Falak and Bejal missing their father. They ask why she is crying, if she is also missing papa. She hugs them. At cafeteria, Prachi tells Rahul and Sam that she will go home alone as Hetal has already left. Uday gets an idea and tells Rahul that he will drop Prachi home on the way.

Falak and Bejal give valentine’s day card to Rita and say last year, they celebrated it with papa, now he is not with them. They reminisces giving Rita similar card last year and asking what is Valentine’s day. Rita says it is a love day, love between parents and children, grandparents, uncle aunt, etc. Falak says they will celebrate Valentine’s day with papa. Rita brings halwa cake. Niranjan comes home from work and asks why they prepared halwa. Children say today is valentine’s day. Rita complains that in their 8 years of marriage, Niranjan never wished her happy valentine’s day, sheds tears and says he never loved her. Niranjan tells children they will cheer up mamma and they all 3 at once wish happy valentine day presenting card. Niranjan looking at Rita and children’s pic reminisces same and feels guilty for betraying Rita. Rita hugs children and cries loudly.

Ila and Gayatri prepare halwa cake for Bejal and Falak. Ila says Bejal and Falak make environment lively. Gayatri says yes, people used to tell to have a baby girl, but she did not realize what the y meant then, now she is missing a daughter. Ila says even Falak and Bejal are like her daughters. Gayatri says yes. Falak and Bejal come running and say they hurt mamma instead of making her happy, she is crying vigorously.

Sam returns to restaurant and sees it dark. He calls Rahul. Hetal enters wearing his gifted black dress and roses. She expresses her feelings and says she loves him a lot. She knew he tried to propose her since college days, but she knew about it and avoided, sorry for that and gives 1 rose. She says she made studio in cafeteria purposefully to keep him near her, sorry for that, gives 1 rose. She gives a rose with each confession and says says she used to miss him a lot.


Sanyukt 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Hetal asks Sam will he be her valentine. He says she made her clean bold with her surprise, he will be with her whole life. He takes his face towards her face to kiss her.

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