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Sanyukt 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update


He expresses her love for Sam and confesses that even she loves him since their college days. She built studio in cafeteria even when it is not needed just for Sam. She did not want Sam to marry in life as she does not want to, so that she can love only him. She apologizes him repeating each mistake and says she made drama with Prachi to make her jealous and it worked. Instead of accepting his love, she rejected it, she is sorry for that. She continues her confession and giving rose asks will he be her valentine. Sam accepting it tells emotionally she made him clean bold, she is with him that is all he needs and nothing else in life. He is shocked and surprised. He is so happy and does not know how to express it. She holds his mouth and says not to tell anything, let us live in this moment.

They both look into each other’s eyes and then dance on Sun Mahiya…Sathiya…song. He is about to kiss he when she slips and dances along. They both then dance together. Sam’s solo dance starts next. Their romance continues.

Ila goes to Rita’s room and sees her crying. She gives her water. Rita cris that Niranjan did not love her at all and she was a fool to trust him. She should not have been in that much shock seeing Niranjan and Maya’s video. It is her mistake that she did not accept the fact. Ila tries to console her. Rita says she knows children must have sent her to console her, but she wants to cry loudly. Whatever she tries, her pain is not lessening. Shree told if she cries, her pain will lessen and she hopes so. Ila says she will not stop her, but if she feels crying she will. She hides her tears in front of her, and if she thinks crying is a solution, they both will cry a lot. Rita hugs her and they both compete in shedding tears. Ila then says after she finishes her crying, she should get up and go to children as she has to become both mother and father. She cried in front of children and made them worried.

Falak and Bejal leaning on Gayatri’s lap ask if daadi will bring maa or maa will resist. Rita comes and hugs children.

Precap: Hetal tells Sam that she loves him, but is not ready for a relationship.

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