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Sanyukt 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Gayatri greets Shree/Tanu in and asks her to not to tell Rita that she called her. She tells bapuji is in ashram, else he would have calmed Rita, even Ila is tied with her promise made to Rita. She should convince Rita to stop thinking of divorcing Niranjan for children’s sake. Tanu says she is happy to see her concern towards her family, but she came here as Rita’s counselor and her duty is just to evaluate Rita’s mental condition.

Hetal asks her roommate and friend Prachi to stop chatting with her boyfriend and study as exams are nearing. Prachi says she is in first year and need not worry. She asks Hetal if she loves Sameer or not, she gets too cozy with Sameer in cafeteria. Hetal says she and Sameer share same ideology, nothing more than that. Door bell rings. Hetal says her boyfriend must have come. Prachi says must be Sameer have come. Hetal challenges if it is her boyfriend, then she should study daily for 2 hours till her exams. Prachi says if it is Sameer, then she will have to kiss Sameer. They both open door and are shocked to see Sameer standing. Prachi starts dancing. Hetal gets nervous.

Tanu meets Rita and her children. Rita thanks her for coming and goes in to bring something. Tanu chats with Falak and Bejal and gifts them her clip. Bejal accepts it. Falak says they should not take it without mamma’s permission. Tanu says mamma will not say anything.

Hetal nervously looks at Sameer. Prachi plays kiss me….and murmurs in Sameer’s ears that she is benefitting him. Hetal continues looking at Sameer nervously. A romantic song plays in the background.

Rahul looks at his and Tanu’s pic sipping alcohol. Ila enters and asks why he starts drinking everyday and looking at pic and asks if it is Tanu’s pic. Rahul nods yes. She says let her see and holds pic. Rahul takes it back and says when she had to look at Tanu, she and Bapuji did not want to meet Tanu at all and hated her. Ila says bapuji had his own reasoning and why would they hate someone’s daughter. She asks him to forget Tanu like she did and moved on in life. He shouts he will not forget her. Tanu passes by and stops hearing their conversation. She can only see Ila’s face. Ila says he wants to punish his parents and does not want to forget Tanu, he is just lessening her life and nothing else. Argument continues. Tanu walks towards room.

Sanyukt 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Prachi informs Sameer that she had Hetal lost challenge and has to kiss him. Sameer asks Hetal if she brushed her teeth.

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