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Sarthi turns Susheel’s role model in shaping up bright future (Upcoming Twist)


Ikyawann: Sarthi (Rajshri Rani Pandey) turns Susheel’s (Prachi Tehlan) role model in shaping up bright future

Star Plus popular show Ikyawann is showcasing interesting twist and turn in Satya and Susheel’s life.

It seems Susheel meets Sarthi and gets determined to get trained from her.

Sarthi too tries to test Susheel’s ability by asking her to drop the dogs to Ajmera House.

Susheel finds it very difficult to make her re-entry but she gathers courage and completes her task.

Seeing Susheel’s spirit, Sarthi decides to train Susheel and turn her wrestler.

Sushel forget past and focus on present future

Susheel thus decides to never look back and aim in her upcoming bright future and present.

Will Susheel succeed in becoming wrestler and make her family feel proud of her?

Will Satya regret his decision of kicking Susheel out of his life?

Let’s wait and watch.

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