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Sasural Simar Ka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

Scene 1
Anjali comes to the doctor and says I will send you to jail. The nurse comes she shoves him as well. Anjali is grasping his collar. Vikram comes and stops her. Anjali says I will kill him. He has ruined my career. Doctor says you came here for surgery and signed these papers that say we are not responsible for any thing that went wrong. Vikram says please find out anjali. We have to calm down and fix this. This doctor will help us fix it because he ruined it. The doctor says I will give a meds if that doesn’t work we will need to do another surgery. It will charge more. Anjali says you want us to pay more? Are you out of of your mind? Vikram says surgery is not an option. We have to go with meds. Anjali says the next round is last one. What if this doesn’t fix. Vikram hugs her. He says please don’t cry. You will be okay.

Roshni is thinking about divorce. She says what was left that now we have to be divorces. She is crying. Simar comes in. Roshni swipes her tears. Simar says you can’t hide your tears and pain from me. I know what I am doing is hurting you but trust your mom. I am doing this for your better. Roshni says I trust you. She hugs her. Roshni says I won’t say no to you. I will do what you say.

SImar talks to Radha on call as her mom. Radha says when will you come to pick me mama? KB overhears Radha talking. She hears simar talking too Kb says oh this is the game.
She smirks. She says poor Radha when she gets to know simar is playing with her emotions, her heart will break. This is an ace card for me.

Scene 2
Aarav asks roshni to close her eyes. He takes her to terrace and says you can open your eyes now. It is all decorated. Roshni says this is so pretty. Who did all this and why? Aarav says the one you are most special for did this. Roshni says Piyush? She smiles. Then she recalls what simar said. Roshni says I can’t meet Piyush. Simr ma asked me not to. She is going in. Piyush says Roshni.. Roshni stops. He says am I so useless that you don’t even wanna see my face? Roshni comes towards him. The song ‘hamari adhuri kahani’ plays in background. He caresses her face. Roshni says I can’t go against mom. She goes inside running. Aarav says its okay Piyush at least she tried. Piyush says her happiness matters. Whatever she wants will happen.

Scene 3
At night, Anjali is crying. Vikram says you just took one dose. Please rest or you will have dark circles. Anjali is crying.
Saroj is working in kitchen. She says the sugar is over. The caretaker gives her. Saroj says I can’t take anything from that side. She says can I ask something? Why is this line in this house? Who drew this? Saroj says the one I brought here as Vikram’s wife.I always considered her a daughter and she broke our family.
Anjali comes downstairs with her face covered. She says you better do your work. You can’t talk to people on that side of the line.
Go and give dad breakfast.

Aarav says Simar I am very hungry. Simar says what are you hiding? He says I will do your work. Give me sometime. Simar says you can’t understand the depth of this matter. Return me those papers. He returns the papers.
Simar comes downstairs and says to Piyush sign these papers and end this marriage that happened by mistake. mataji says what are you saying. Rajhinder says please rethink. Simar says its about time we end this.
Piyush says I will sign these papers if Roshni does. Simar says okay then lets get Roshni’s signs first. Roshni sign them. You didn’t have right to marry him but you have right to divorce him. Pick up and sign the papers. What are you thinking? Roshni picks up the papers. She sits down to sign them. Simar says sign them roshni. She picks the pen. Roshni is about to sign them.


Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Simar says Roshni.. She is sobbing.
Piyush says enough ma. She doesn’t want to sign those papers. simar says whatever I do with my daughter what is your concern? Piyush says Roshni is my wife and i will see what power on earth can force her to sign these papers.

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