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Sasural Simar Ka 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Simr says to Vikram do you think it is right this wedding drama you are doing with tanvi? Vikram says tomorrow will decide if my love wins or loses. Pari and KB over hear. Pari says so this is all a drama. We need to do something.
Piyush says to roshni you must be so tired. SHe says I have to help ananiya in kitchen. Piyush says you think so much about everyone. Roshni says I don’t think I help her enough. I will make her a coffee. He says one for me too.
Roshni comes to ananiya’s room with coffee. Pari says you are doing house chores? Roshni says yes I thought I should make her a coffee. Pari says she is in garden. Pari steals a purse from Roshni’s room. She says this will be real fun now.
Uma says we should tell anajali about this drama. KB says no I have a better idea.

Tanvi looks at vikram’s picture. She says I know I wont meet you after today. All the moments wont come back. Saroj overhears. SHe says this is what I wanted. Saorj comes in and says I know what you are doing is not easy for any girl. You are doing all this for vikram. Life doesn’t give us chances again and again. When you have feelings for someone it shouldn’t stay in your heart only. Don’t hide it from me. Whats in your heart should be told. Vikram thinks anjali wll come tomorrow but I am sure she wont. I know her. My son will be upset again. This time he wont be able to handle himself. She leaves.

Scene 2
Anjali calls her friends but no one has time to talk to her. Se gets a call from Vikram. Anjali says finally he is calling to say sorry. Anjali picks and says so you miss me. He says there is a special occassion. So I should tell my ex wife. I am going to marry tanvi. She says you are joking right? He says I am not a liar like you. Tomorrow in the morning I am getting married. You don’t care but I felt like informing. She says fine. You said right I don’t care whatever you do. Go to tell. She throws the phone away in anger.
Saroj gives the dress to vikram and says give it to tanvi.


Vikram gives the dress to tanvi. He says II hope you like it. She says that doesn’t matter. Its just a drama. He says I know what you ae going through. If you dont’ wanna do this please tell me I will stop everything. She is crying. CVikram says what happened please share with me. I am your friend. Tanvi says I dont know when this drama truned into reality for me. I don’t know when your happiness became mission of my life. I know I can never take Anjali’s place Please forgive me I couldn’t stop myself. He says no its my mistake not yours. I never thought this would happen. I have hurt your feelings a lot. I am so stupid. I never thought. To get anjali back I was so mad that I forgot about your feelings. Tanvi says what if she doesn’t come back? He says I don’t know. But ever since anjali came into my life I never loved anyone. IF she doesn’t come tomorrow.. I don’t want to force you into all this. Please think about it. I will accept whatever you decide.

Anjali is drinking. She is crying and breaking everything. She recalls her moments with vikram and breaks the bottle.

Scene 2

Next morning, tao ji says saroj  tanvi isn’t picking up. Saroj says let me check. VIkram says no I can’t force her. IF she has decided she won’t come.. Tanvi comes in bridal dress. Vikram says I will never forget your favor. SHe says I can’t leave you alone on last step. I am with you. THey all leave.


Sasural Simar Ka 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The wedding preps are done. Anjali says today I realize the importance of this mangal sutra. KB locks her door. anjali says who is there please open the door. KB says I wont help you like you didn’t help me.