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Sasural Simar Ka 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Scene 1
Rajhinder says I feel like simar is very silent and upset. Mataji says I feel the same. simar comes there. Mataji says this house is empty without you. Rajhinder says where is Prem? Simar says come in. A little girl comes on the gate. Simar takes her hand and brings her in. Mataji says what is all this? Simar says Prem is dead for all of us from today. Everyone is dazed. Mataji starts crying. She says what are you saying. Amar says what are you saying. Rajhinder says why are you saying this. Simar says I have no relation with him anymore. Uma says what is this. Mataji says please clear things. The little girl says aunty I am hungry. SImar says I will make you something. Simar says we will all know truth on time. I can’t say anymore yet. This girl’s name is Radha and she will stay here with us. I know you all have questions. But trust me. Whatever happened and is gonna happen was the will of God. Pari says what was she trying to say.

SImar goes in kitchen. Amar says we all know siamr won’t do anything wrong. Mataji says she said something so disturbing. Amar says we have to believe in her. Pari says what new story is this. Uma says why should we care. They turn on Tv. pari says I don’t wanna watch news. The reporter says in Lucknow there is a love story that is not less than a movie. This is Prem Bharadwaj. He had an extra marital affair with an employee in her company in Lucknow. Everyone is dazed. Sattu says this is why Simar was not telling anything. Reporter says this girl is prem’s illegitimate child. Prem and that woman are missing. Social media says that, her husband has killed prem and that woman in anger. Everyone is shocked.
Mataji starts crying. SHe says this can’t happen. The reporter says we are not sure about anything on the news. MAtaji says I know there is something else behind it. I will ask Simar.

Simar is feeding Radha. Simar calls Prem and says I haven’t told anyone anything. I will handle everything here. Please take care. Mataji comes in and asks whom are you talking to? Tell me what is going on.

Scene 2
Saroj says Piyush is so shameless. He has extra marital affair with another girl. He was filling her hairline. Anjali says people lose control in holi. It happens. Like you were playing with girls as well. They see the news as well. Reporter is dazed. Anjali says what non sense is this. Please take me home VIkram. Tao says we will come too. Vikram says tai ji is not well. You stay here with her. Vikram and Anjali leave.

Mataji says to simar please tell me what are you hiding. Tell me. I can’t tolerate all this. tell me is prem alive and okay? SImar says Mataji please pardon me. If anyone gets to know the truth his life will be in danger. sImar locks the door. She says Prem and pooja have no relationship. This is an accusation. Pooja’s husband think this is right and wants to kill them both. Mataji says is Prem okay? simar says yes he is fine. But pooja and him have to hide. That is why I had to say that he cheated on me so no one asks us where he is. we have to save his life.
SImar says I couldn’t leave this little girl there so I brought her here. Mataji says you did right. Thank God Prem is fine and he didn’t do anything. I was so worried. Simar says I trust Prem. Mataji says I am with you but we have to tell everyone something. They are all so worried?

Vikram and anjali come home. Anjali says whats going on. What is media saying. Vikram says calm down. Vikram says is this right? Piyush says please ma say something. What have papa done? Anjali says please explain us. She looks at Radha.. ANjali says who is she? Is she the one media showed? Vikram says calm down.


Sasural Simar Ka 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Piyush says papa cheated on ma. I wont’ let this girl stay here. I will give her to police. He picks Radha and is going out. Simar says stop. If you take her out of this house I will go as well.

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