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Sasural Simar Ka 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Aarav comes to Ananiya’s house. He says is all that truth? She says no its not like that. What simar aunty saw here. She thinks wrong. Aarav says just shut up. Don’t lie. I loved you and you harmed my family? Ananiya says its not like that. He says why you did all this? What did I do wrong? He shoves her. Ridhima holds her. Ridhima says are you okay? She says enough Aarav. Was your love so weak? You didn’t try to know why we are doing all this? Aarva says tell me whats behind all this? Ridhima says I know you love ridhima. I am trying to save you and your family. Thats it. Aarva says how can I trust that? She says you are looking for Piyush right? You can’t find him. Its not that easy. I can help you in locating him but you will have to take me to his room. If you trust ananiya take me to Piyush’s room. I can understand your situation. Think about it.. If you feel like you should help me. Keep a red flag outside your house then I know what to do next.

Simar is looking at Piyush’s picture and crying. She recalls that old time. When everyone asked her to kill her child. Simar says I am standing at the same spot where I was 25 years ago. Why God.. My son. I don’t know what to do. She is crying. How can I believe my son is a devil. Your simar needs you Prem ji please come back. She is sobbing.

Aarav tells everything to Roshni. HE says yes she wants us to take her to Piyush’s room. Roshni says I don’t trust them. After seeing all this I can’t let her. Aarva says we don’t have another option. I can’t see simar mom like this. Its the only way. Roshni says Simar ma won’t agree. Aarav says we don’t have to tell. We are just trying to find Piyush. Decision is in your hand.

Anjali calls to Lilly and says how can they block my check? I can bring them to court. Lilly says did you read the contract? They can kick you out anytime. That was the clause. You know this is all happening because of your ego. Anjali says what should i do? Lilly says you have just one way. Convince sam. Anjali says I don’t need your rubbish advice.

Simar is crying. She says why is this happening with me. Mataji hugs her and says you are my strong simar. You can’t lose like this. You always win. Mataji says Piyush is our son but we have to think about everyone’s safety too. Simar says this means you also.. Mataji says for now we have to control our emotions. I know you are hurt but we can’t be selfish. We have to do this. Simar says I will protect my family. No matter what I will have to do.
Arav fixes a red flag outside.

Anjali calls sam and says lets forget everything. He says okay then lets meet up. She says okay. Anjali says how can I go this late. But I have to. She turns back. Vikram is there. sHe says you were overhearing my conversations. He says I wish I didn’t. I can’t believe you are the same anjali. She says I can’t argue at this moment. I want my money back. He says for money you can ever crush your self respect? Why are you doing this? We are husband and wife. If you want money then ask me. Why you have to go to that sam again and again. Anjali claps. She says wow. What a dialogue. so filmy. I came to you asking for money and you said no.. But truth is that you can’t take care of needs of your wife. You are useless. Vikram is dazed. Anjali says how can you stop me from meeting him? You are involved with this tanvi. I am going. You are worth nothing. You can’t reach standard where you can help. Don’t lecture. I don’t need you. I am anjali I can help myself. Thanks but no thanks. He is in tears. Anajli leaves. SAroj says this is her reality. This had to come in front of everyone.

Roshni and Aarav Ridhima nd ananiya come to Piyush’s room. She starts the mantra.


Sasural Simar Ka 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : They can see Piyush in the circle. Roshni says Piyush.. She touches the water. He disappears. Simar comes to the room and says what happened roshni open the door.

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