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Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Piyush says she doesn’t want to sign these papers. Why are you forcing her. SImar says who are you to say anything she is my daughter? Piyush says Roshni is my wife. I will see who forces her to do things she doesn’t want to. He takes the pen from her and holds her hand. Piyush says she is my wife and I will stand in front of her. I won’t let anything unfair happen to her. SImar says really? She says are you saying truth? I knew my up bringing can’t be weak. You are my son. See you all. Today you have held Roshni’s hand and went against. I wanted to see this. I was just testing you if you can hold her hand and protect her. The relationships should have trust as their base. Piyush says thank you ma. SImar says God knows how much it hurt me.
Piyush says I am so sorry ma. He hugs her. SImar says you have to apologize someone else. Piyush says I am sorry Roshni. I know I have been so unfair to you. Roshni says I forgive you. Piyush apologizes everyone. Simar hugs them both.

Simar does Piyush’s arti and he comes back in the house. Mataji says stop. Please enter the house with roshni. Simar does their greh parevesh. They both enter the house together.
Roshni says I am feeling first time like Piyush’s wife. I feel so happy. Mataji says lets get Piyush and Roshni married with all the rituals and celebrations. Amar says thats a very good idea. Simar says eyes exactly. Simar says come on come on everyone. Prepare for the celebrations.

Scene 2
Anjali is seeing her face in mirror. VIkram says stop seeing anjali. Anjalu says I know how I feel. Vikram says is it my mistake? I asked you not to do this. Did you listen? She says will you shout at me like this forever? Kill me for once. She starts crying. Vikram says don’t cry. I didn’t want to hurt you. Please eat the dinner. Then I will give you meds after that. She says I don’t wanna eat. I am going to room.

Saroj says to Toa ji did you listen? I read this new a heroin got plastic surgery done and that ruined her face. Girls these days lose what they have to have even more. Tao ji says stop it. Anjali goes upstairs.
Anjali calls Lilly. Lilly says I have talked to judges. They want to give you once chance. Anjali says I am ready. The lips are better. They will be better by finale. I am coming. Thank you so much.

Scene 3
Simar says to Mataji the marriage will be after six days. Mataji says how will we prepare? Aarav says don’t worry about preps. Rajhinder says yes we all will do them together.
Mataji says for these six days roshni and piyush won’t meet. Piyush says this is not fair. Mataji says take Piyush to rest room. Pari and Uma take Piyush to rest room.
Khushi takes roshni to her room.
Mataji asks arav to call all the relatives.
Postman comes with letter. Jhanvi is about to receive it. Simar takes it from her. She says I will see this.


Sasural Simar Ka 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mataji comes to Vikram’s house to give invitation. Anjali says give me the card. Simar gives the card to saroj nd says this part of your house is the real in laws of you anjali. Piysuh and Roshni come close to each other in the balcony.

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