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Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2017 video watch online on

Roshni and Piyush arrive at the resort. The manager welcomes there. Vadahi is there too in the hall.
Stewards takes Piyush and Roshni inside. The manager comes to Vadahi and says ma’am they are here. Vadahi says before they come to their room put it there. He says okay. He picks up the flowers. Manager says you got them best room booked and now this flower? Are they close to you? Vadahi says yes very close. There shouldn’t be any short coming in their welcome. He says suer madam.

Tao ji says where is the breakfast. Vikram says I think your daughter in law is making something special. Anjali comes and says today we have papa’s favorite sweet. Anjali says in heart you don’t know whats gonna happen tai ji. Anjali says papa ji taste it and tell me how it is. Tao ji says Sanjev likes anything you make. sanjev nods. Lawyer comes in. Vikram says I was about to call you. Come have breakfast. He says no no I am getting late. Just give me papers. Vikram syas tai ji bring those papers please. saroj brings the papers. Tao ji says these are not those papers. Saroj says this is what you gave me. Vikram says he is right these are not the same papers. Tao ji says what are you doing saroj. Recall where you put them. Vikrma says those papers are very important. Tao ji says how can you be so careless. Anjali says dont’ be mad. they would be in home. Lets look for them. They all look everywhere in the house. Vikrma says to lawyer please sit.

Roshni and Piyush come to the resort. Roshni sees the flowers and smiles. Roshni says you brought my favorite flowers. thank you so much. Roshni says I am going to be fresh. Piyush looks at the flowers. He says this is not a coincidence. Only one person knows me this well Vadahi. She is here.

Vikram says they are nowhere. Tao ji says I looked everywhere too. Tao ji says do you even realize how important they were. Anjali says tai ji you had those papers in hand when you were giving away old newspapers. By mistake maybe you put those papers along news papers too. Saroj says I understand. I have never done any mistake like this. Tao ji says when did he come?
Anjali says yesterday around 5. Tao ji says that is when I gave you the papers. Saroj says what are you trying to say? Tao ji says we don’t have time to waste. those papers are very important and we need them at any cost. Vikram says let me go to his shop and check. Anjali says I will come with you. They leave. VIkram says to lawyer it will take some time. I am sorry. He says its okay.

Piyush comes to reception and asks is there any Vadahi’s named girl here? she says no sir. Piyush says okay thanks. Piyush says I know you are around Vadahi. He looks out everywhere for her.
Vikram comes to shop and asks about the papers. He says I sold some of them. ANjali says those papers are very important. Please let us find them. He says okay sure. Vikram and ANjali look for those papers.
Piyush comes to poolside and looks for Vadahi. He sits there in distress. Vadahi is therewith her face covered with a magazine. She looks at Piyush.

Anjali looks in the papers. She says here it is. Vikram says yes this is what we wanted. thank you so much. It would never have been possible without you. Anjali says only 20 minutes are left. Anjali says Vikram lets go home everyone would be waiting. She gives the shopkeeperand says thank you.
Lawyer says let mes submit them in court. Tao ji says anjali thank you so much. Saroj says in heart this means Anjali did all this. Vikrma says those papers would be impossible to find. Anjali says nothing is more important than your work for me. Thank God he didn’t sell these. Tao ji says to saroj see the result of your carelessness. Anjali says its her age. Its not her mistake. You have doing all this for work for so many years tai ji. You would get tired. Vikrma says anjali is right tai ji. Tao ji says its about time you should retire saroj and give anjali all the responsibility. Vikrma says I think tao ji is right. Anjali should be handling this house now. Anjali extends his hand. SAroj gives her keys. saroj holds anjali’s hand and says these are not mere keys. these are the blessings of elders, and it is very powerful. My mother in law told me a lot of responsibility come with these keys. Be careful don’t fall under burden of these. Anjali says I won’t give you a reason to complain. I will fulfill my responsibilities.
Saroj says in heart Anjali time’s wheel will rebound and I will take them back from you.
Anjali says in heart I will take everything from you. Your time is over.

Precap-Piyush comes out and says Vadahi.. Vadahi comes behind her car. She sits in it. Piyush sees her. He runs after the car Piyush says please stop Vadadhi. She drives he falls down.

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