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Sasural Simar Ka 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Anjali looks at the clock. She says its 9 and Vikram is getting married at 11. I don’t know what to do. She sits down. What is wrong with me. Where are my tablets? She takes out her tablets. She sees her mangalsutra next to it. Anjali takes it out. She recalls her wedding. Anjali realizes simar saying this is not just a locket. This is your respect. Always know its worth. She recalls when she asked Vikram to help her in taking it out. She recalls her time with Vikram. Anjali gets a call from Simar. She doesn’t pick up.
Simar says does she actually not care? She calls again. Anjali picks up. Simar says you Vikram is going away from you. Save it. Decide if you want your love or this ego. Save your relationship. You fought the whole world for this marriage. Vikram was with you when no one was. He stood by you. Today he is going away from you. Stop him please. You would be so alone without him. Anjali is silent. Simar says please say something. If you stay silent then you will lose everything. Stop your Vikram from going away. You can save your relationship. If not today then never.

Simar leaves for the temple. KB says this is our time. Before simar reaches the temple we have to do our work. Today I will take revenge for all my insults.
Anjali looks at her mangalsutra. She recalls what simar said. Anjali is crying. She says this is not possible. Vikram is mine. I will convince him. I will do whatever he says. But I can’t lose you. I love you. She says its 10. Anjali takes out a dress and says he loves this.

Scene 2
Pandit ji says the preps are done. Vikram says we will start at 11. Simar comes there. SImar says did Anjali come? Vikram says no. Anjali picks the keys. KB sneaks in her house. Anjali says I love you Vikram. I am coming to save our marriage. She locks Anjali’s room. Anjali says who locked it? Open it. Who are you what you want.
Kb says I am so sorry my doll. But I can’t help you like you didn’t help me when I was in jail. Anjali says please open the door. I have to go. Please. I have to stop Vikram’s wedding. Who are you please open the door. She is crying.

Vikram is waiting. He says time is runnin where are you Anjali. A car arrives outside. Uma and Pari come. Simar says you here? Pari says so we need your permission to come to temple? We came here for pooja. Oh God what is happening here? VIkram as a groom? What is happening here? Is he getting married to this Tanvi? Does anyone in the house know? Uma says stop all this. Pari says we should tell everyone. I will call home and tell everyone. Simar says stop this is all a drama. Pari says what? VIkram says yes. Simar says he is doing this to open anjali’s eyes. So she realizes the importance of her relationship. Uma says oh we got scared. you are doing right. Pari and Uma do the pooja.

Mataji is worried at home. Rajhinder says where is simar? Piyush says yes where is ma? Also where is vikram and his family? Mataji says they went out for some work. They will come back.
Simar says to Vikram I am sure she will come. We have to wait. Vikram says to pandit ji start when I ask. Vikram says don’t get so late ANjali that there is no room to return. Tao ji says you sit here I will tell you when she comes.

Anjali is knocking the door and crying. SHe says please let me go. Anjali calls Vikram but her phone is off. Anjali is crying and sobbing. KB texts PAri I have locked Anjali in her room. The clocks ticks 11. Vikram says I was stupid to expect anything from this relationship. I think she never loved me. Its all my mistake. Today I am marrying someone else but you still don’t care. Simar says please don’t give up. I know her she will come. Saroj says if she wanted to she would have come by now. Your daughter never cared for Vikram. He still has hope from her. Enough Vikram. I won’t let you cry for her like this. She doesn’t deserve your love.


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