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Sasural Simar Ka 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 11th March 2017 video watch online HD on 

Scene 1
Anjali says is she the same girl everyone is talking about? Piyush says is she papa’s illegitimate child. Simar says you all know the reality now. Anjali says that all true? No. That can’t be truth. Vikram says Anjali please control yourself. Piyush says how can you do this. How can you bring her here. Simar says what Prem did was wrong but she is not responsible for this. Piyush says I won’t let her live here. Mataji says we have relation with Prem anymore. But Piyush she is a child. We have to take care of her. Piyush says I won’t let her live here. He picks up Radha and says I won’t let her live here. Simar says stop. If she goes out of this house I will too. Piyush says what. Simar says leave her or I will leave you. Everyone is dazed. Piyush leaves Radha. She hugs Simar. simar says don’t cry. She asks Raju to take her to her room. Piyush says you are not doing right ma. Simar says in heart I have no other way. Anjali is mad. MAtaji says we won’t discuss this anymore. Anjali say what are you saying. I can’t believe my dad can do this. Simar says that won’t change the reality. Anjali says but we don’t even know where he is. He might need our help. What if he is in trouble. He is your husband. simar says he was.. I have no relation with anymore and nor does this house. No one will care about him here. Anjali says I can’t believe you are saying that. Mataji says prem has done a sin. Anjali says okay do whatever you want. She leaves. Vikram says I am sorry on her behalf. He leaves. Mataji says Prem is dead for us. All go to your rooms and rest.

Mataji says to Simar what should we do now. We should tell them. Simar says no that will worsen things. We can’t tell everyone. Mataji says God will fix everything.

Scene 2
Piyush says to Vadhai I never thought papa can do this. He betrayed me. HE said he loved my mom and this was his love? Vadahi gives him bear and says this will make you feel better.

Simar gives Radha milkshake. Simar says what are you trying to recall? She says mama’s phone number. I will tell you when I recall. Please call her I miss her. simar says tell me when you recalls her number. I will call her. Drink milk now. simar makes her sleep in her lap.

Piyush takes the glass and drinks it. He says thank you I feel better. He picks up bottle to drink more. He drinks the whole bottle. Vadahi says in heart everything is going like I wanted. this is the first step.

Anjali’s friends call her. She is mad. Vikram says anjali please relax. She says I have had thousands of calls. I hope this is not right. Vikram says I have friend in Lucknow. He is reporter. He said this news is confirmed. He says but for now Prem is out of reach. Like no one knows anything from their sides. Media makes fuss out of everything. Don’t cry and focus on your dream. You got a chance. Forget things for now.
Roshni is looking at Piyush’s call. She is in tears. Simar says where is he? Roshni says he didn’t come home.

Piyush is asleep on Vadahi’s bed. Simar calls him. He says who are you? Simar says I am your mom. Simar says where are you? With Vadahi? Come home right now. She hangs up. Vadahi gives him coffee. He says I don’t feel like going there. Vadahi says your mom always talks about right and wrong. She has that illegitimate child in her house now? Then why she did this injustice with us? Why she never accepted our true love?


Sasural Simar Ka 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush says if papa’s illegitimate child can live here then my true love can too. come here Vadahi. Vadahi says to Roshni call police if you can. If I can’t live here then this girl can’t either.

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