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Sasural Simar Ka 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 12th February 2017 video watch Online on

Scene 1
Roshni says where has Piyush gone? Has he left me alone here. She calls at reception. They say he is not here. Piyush comes in. Roshni says where did you go? I was so scared. He says I was around. Relax and stop crying. He gives her water.
Roshni gives Piyush a gift. She says I brought something for you. Open it. Roshni opens it. Its a comic books. Roshni says you love comics. He says thanks. Piyush says you wanna eat at restaurant or here? She says here. He says cheese sandwich? Roshni says you still remember. Piyush orders the food.

Vikram says tai ji. Saroj says you at home at office time? He says this suitcase has money. Keep it. Saroj says but keys.. VIkram says oh I forgot. He says Anjali keep these in locker. I will need them soon. Anjali says don’t worry.

Roshni and Piyush do their lunch. He says in heart is it possible that vadahi is around? Roshni says the sandwich is so good. Roshni says you like these flowers right? I will put them in the vase. She sees a card. Roshni says I think this is an invitation card for valentines day. Will we go? He says I don’t feel like, you can. She says what will I do alone there? I won’t go either. Piyush sees the card and he recalls vadhai’s writing. Piyush says we will go to the party. Get ready.
Roshni calls simar and tells her that Piyush is taking her to valentine’s party.
Simar tells mataji roshni was sounding happy. Mataji says I knew everything would be okay.

Scene 2
Vikram says we have our everything back. Anjali says we should party. Saroj says I think we should go for pooja. We should feed brahmins and poors. Tao ji says thats a very good idea, I agree with that, Vikrma says anjali tai ji right. This is the time we should thank God. Saroj says you didn’t like it Anjali? Anjali says your suggestion is good. Where will we fit in so many people? SAroj says we will feed them one by one.
Roshni and Piyush come to the party. A man says I have heard about laila a lot. I am here from Banglore to see her dance. The other man says I am glad we got the tickets. The first man says VIPs go to see her dance.
Host says Ms. Laila is coming to perform. Piyush overhears all this.
Vadahi is laila. She sings a lyrics. Piyush was about to leave he stops. Laila comes out of curtain. He back is towards Piyush. She turns back Roshni and Piyush are dazed. Vadahi is dancing on ‘lovely’. She dances around Piyush and Roshni’s table. off. Suddenly lights off. Piyush stand up in shock. Lights turn on Vadahi is not there. He goes inside. Guards stop him. He says I wanna meet laila. Guard says she doesn’t people. Piyush says I am her friend. Guard says she has so many lovers. Piyush says I will go meet her you can’t stop me. The guards stop him. Piyush beats them down and goes inside. He says Vadahi.. He sees the window open and says I think she ran from here. Piyush goes out and say Vadahi where are you? He sees her sitting in the car. Piyush runs after the car, he falls down. Vadahi drives away.

Roshni is waiting in the room. Roshni says where is Piyush? I am so worried. Piyush comes in. Roshni says I know what you are feeling seeing Vadahi that way. He looks at the flowers. Piyush says I don’t wanna talk about it. I am tired. I have to sleep turn the lights off. Roshni turns off the lights. Piyush sleeps on the couch. She sleeps on bed. Piyush is crying. He recalls how he saw Vadahi.

Precap-Roshni opens the door and says Piyush you.. It waiter. He gives her something and says ma’am this is for you. Roshni says who sent it? He says you will know. Roshni opens it and screams.
Anjali says mama was also saying if there are a few people we can serve them better. Saroj says what is this mama? This is not your mama’s house. Its my house. I decide what happens here.

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