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Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 13th February 2017 Watch Online Episode on

Scene 1
Roshni wakes up and sees the Piyush is not in room. She looks everywhere in the room. He is nowhere. roshni says he left again.
Receptionist says to Piyush we can’t give you address. Thats our policy. He says you have to or I will keep standing here all day. Piyush bribes her and says give me this address. She says try to understand I can’t do this. She looks at the camera. Piyush says so you think I am lying? I know her. He shows her the photo of him with Vadahi. Piyush says she is my life. She is not Laila. Please its very important for me to meet her. She says okay wait. She gives him her address. Piyush says thank you so much. she says sir no one should know otherwise I will lose my job. He says sure. Piyush says I am coming to you Vadahi.

Roshni keeps calling Piyush but his phone is off. Roshni says has he gone to Vadahi? Door knocks. She opens the door. Waiter gives her something and says this is for you madam. She says who sent it? He says you will know. Roshni says Piyush must have sent it. She opens it and screams. Its a rat in a cage. She says what does this mean? Who can send me this? She sees a letter with it. roshni reads it.. This is cage is your life. You will be like this rat who will scream for freedom and happiness but will only get pain. Your enemy, Vadahi. She starts crying.

Piyush comes to the address. Piyush rings the door bell. An old man opens the door. He says I don’t need anything. Piyush says I am not salesman. I am looking for Vadahi. They gave me this address. He says no vadahi lives here. Piyush says Laila.. The man says neither laila nor vadahi live here. I live here alone. Go from here.

Scene 2
Saroj gives Anjali list of people. Anjali says why do we have to call so many people? Saroj says yes you have invite them all and do rest of the work. Will you do this? Vikram says don’t worry I know anjali will handle everything well. Saroj says everyone trust you. She leaves.
Vikram says to Anjali it was valetine’s day. She says I forgot. He says its okay we dont’ need a day. I love you every day. But you deserve a special gift. She says show me.. He says you will get massage from this spa,and then we will go to movies. First day first show. She says there is a third thing too. She says where is it? He says look in the closet. Anjali opens the closet so many balloons fall on her. anjali smiles. She hugs him.

Simar says to Prem please accept Roshni. He says I can’t. It was forced on Piyush. I have seen true love in his eyes for Vadhai. He can never forget her. Simar says things change with time. Prem says not love, look at us. We were apart but we always had each other in mind. SImar says because I am your wife. He says no because you are my wife. He has gone there to run away from Vadahi’s memories. My son is dying inside and I can’t do anything. Did you talk to anjali? Simr says I will don’t worry.

Scene 3
Piyush comes back to hotel and says you gave me wrong address. she says I had. You were annoying me so much. Vadahi is looking at him. She says we can’t give laila’s address to anyone. Piyuhs says I showed you the photo. She says a lot of people show photos. No one knows where she lives. I am sorry. He leaves.
Vadahi says in heart this is just the beginning Piyush.
Anjali says she has invited the whole world.
Simar calls Anjali. Simar says how are you? Anjali says every day is a challenge here. Tai ji has invited so many people. SImar says she invited us too. Anjali says she has invited so many people. Everything is on me. Simar says you will get a lot of blessings. Anjali says but there has to be so many arrangements done. Simar says you can invite less pandits. Blessings are blessings anyway. If she invites 11 pandits you can serve them better. Go talk to her about it. Anjali says you are right.

Vikram says anjali lets do breakfast then we have to pack a lot of gifts. Anjali says may I give an advice? I talked to mama she said we can invite 11 pandits we can serve them better and blessings are blessings anyway. Saroj says what is this mama mama, your mama won’t decide what happens here. I will. After pandits we have to serve other people too. Tao ji says calm down. She just suggested something and its not bad. We can do things simply. Saroj says its not about simplicity. Its about our rituals. If you can’t do this anjali then tell me, I can never change rituals. Anjali says calm down it was just an idea. Okay fine. We will do what you want. And don’t worry I will handle everything. Lets do breakfast now. She says eat. Saroj stops her hand. Anjali says okay you eat yourself. Anjali says vikram get ready we have to do a lot of work. Anjali says in heart I will do it my way now.

Sasural Simar Ka 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Roshni is crying. She says Piyush vadahi sent this cage. She said she will make my life hell. Piyush says this is all your doubt. Roshni says read it. He says there is nothing written on roshni. Roshni says how is that possible. I read that myself. Piyush says enough, I won’t tolerate a single word against vadahi.

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