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Sasural Simar Ka 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says to Vikram that you used to love me, you used to brag about love then what is all this?
this sindoor and mangalsutra? how could your heart let you do this? how? you have cheated me,
bigtime cheated me, didnt your hands shiver? you didnt once about how I will live? what will happen to your Anjali? Simar tries to calm Anjali down but Anjali says dont you dare touch me, you are a mother? your daughter was dying and you were attending this wedding? dont call me daughte anymore, you proved that I am not your own daughter, it was happening infront of you, your daughter’s husband was marrying someone else and you let it happen? you destroyed everything, you all cheated me, she cries, Anjali says I wont forgive anyone, Simar says I tried to stop him so much, Anjali shouts just shut up.. all are stunned. Anjali runs away from there. Simar tries to stop her, she runs behind her. Vikram and Tanvi are in shock. Vikram shouts Anjali.. he runs to her breaking his gadh bandhan from Tanvi, all are shocked. Tanvi is distraught.

Anjali is running on road. Simar is running behind her and Vikram behind them. Simar falls down on road running behind Anjali. Anjali is running on road. Vikram comes there. Anjali doesnt see ahead and gets hit by a truck, she falls down on hits her head on rock, she bleeds and is severely injured, Vikram and Simar are shocked to see it, All family members come there. Vikram runs to her and says dont close eyes, your Vikram is here, Simar says she is bleeding too much, Vikram runs to bring car, Simar says we wont let anything happen to you. Vikram brings car, he puts Anjali inside. He drives away. Tanvi is confused.

Mataji gets call about Anjali’s accident. She calls everyone in lounge and informs that Anjali had accident, they all leave to hospital.

Anjali is brought to operation theater. Doctor is treating her. All family members are outside theater. Simar says to Mataji that our Anjali, Mataji says nothing will happen to her, have faith in God.Simar says Anjali is severely injured. All are in tears, even Vikram’s family. Vikram sees Anjali from window. Doctor comes out of theater. Vikram asks if Anjali is fine? Doctor says its worrisome news, all are stunned. Doctor says she has lost too much blood and was hit on head, we cant say anything till she comes to consciousness and if she doesnt then.. Vikram says I am responsible for all this, Anjali reached this stage because of me, Anjali came for her Vikram but me.. she is here because of me, I did big sin, I wont be able to forgive myself, he screams in anger and says forgive me Anjali, your Vikram is responsible for all this, please become fine, please, he cries. Saroj asks him to control, I know what happened was wrong but now you are married to Tanvi, all are stunned. Saroj says now Tanvi is your responsibility, not Anjali.

Simar comes to mandir in hospital, she says I know Anjali did mistake but she is a fool and childish, make her fine. Piyush comes there. Simar cries, Piyush asks her to have faith in God, nothing will happen to her. nurse comes out of theater and says Anjali is conscious, you all can meet her. All comes in ward, Vikram holds her hand and says I am with you, Anjali jerks her hand away and says what the hell, dont touch me, who are you? Simar says he is Vikram, your Vikram, Anjali asks who Vikram? why are you calling me Anjali? all look on tensed. Anjali says what is my name? Anjali winces in pain, she says who am I? she cries in pain, doctor asks her to rest. Anjali goes hysteric, Mataji says see I am your mataji, Anjali screams dont touch me, she cries in pain and agony, she starts to leave. Simar tries to come close but Anjali holds scissor and says dont come near me, I will kill you, she asks why I am here? where is my house? all helplessly looks at her. Doctor asks her to give scissor to him, she says no, you all are lying, let me go home.Doctor asks her to bring injection. Piyush tries to stop her but Anjali shows scissor and says I will kill everyone.Doctor grabs Anjali and gives her injection, Anjali faints. Piyush puts her on bed. Doctor says it seems like she has forgotten her memory due to injury on head, all are shocked. Doctor says she doesnt even remember her name. Vikram falls to her feet. Vikram says what did I do? what happened from me? Anjali you cant do this, you cant forget your Vikram, you have to become fine for your Vikram. Tanvi looks at him in shock. Vikram says I wont be able to forgive myself, he cries.


Sasural Simar Ka 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vikram asks Simar to let him take care of Anjali, dont snatch that right from me. Simar says how will this happen? will you be able to give her respect back in your life? Saroj says she is right, this will be unfair with Tanvi. Vikram says Anjali is in this condition because me, I cant start new relation with this burden thats why I want to keep Anjali with me but with Tanvi’s permission, Tanvi says do what you feel is right.