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Sasural Simar Ka 13th March 2017 Written Update Preview


In the previous Episode of Sasural Simar Ka you had watched Vadahi comes in kitchen and says to roshni I told you Piyush will do what I say. You are his wife but you will just remain a servant in this house. simar says you have no right to decide that. And you have no relation with Piyush. I know he is under yous control but relationships based on lies fall out. Don’t unpack your clothes because soon you will be out of this house. Vadhai says that will only remain your dream. I am here to kick her out. Simar says don’t be so happy. Vadahi says tonight Piyush will spend his night me. Everyone is dazed. Mataji is on door as well.
Simar says to Roshni keep faith in power of your mangalsutra. Whatever happens I am always with you. Roshni says I understand. She takes breakfast for everyone. Mataji says whatever is happening is not right. Simar says if it was not about Radha I wont have let her in even. But until prem is proved innocent we have to keep quite. I know Roshni will fight her battle. Mataji says I know she won’t give up. She will find her way out. Simar says I don’t know what should I do about Prem’s case. Mataji says God will show you a way. Simar says yes there is a way.

Saroj says Anjali called him driver. This is too much. Anjali says I was confused in front of Neeli. My tongue slipped. Saroj says vikram loves and supports you so much and you insulted him like this. Anjali says Vikram understands that I didn’t to in intentionally. Right Vikram? Vikram says no. Anjali I thought about but I can’t understand why you said that. When you asked about this competition I stood by because I knew this was your dream but I dont’ want to be insulted. Anjali says don’t think that. I can never insult you. I was really scared. If I said you are my friend she would ask which friend comes daily. You know how much I respect you. This is just a lie for few days. Please. Please. He caresses her face and nods. Anjali says thank you so much. I know you can’t stay mad at me. And I also know you will stand by my side.

Roshni says I have to talk to Piyush. He comes in the room. Roshni collides with him. Piyush holds her.
Rohsni says you shouldn’t have brought her here. What will people say about our family? Our relationship is weak but is it. Respect it a little. He says relationship? You call this relationship. It was built on blackmailing. Whatever is between us is not a relationship at least. You think I love you just because I saved you? That’s never gonna happen. Wearing this mangalsutra doesn’t make you my wife. Relationships are made from heart. He is leaving. Roshni says we don’t have a relationship but think about your family at least. how will they feel when they get to know you are gonna spend the night between them. He says you don’t need to worry about my family. He shoves her aside but Roshni holds his hands. Roshni says answer one thing.. If I am nothing to you then what am I doing in this house? He says you have to answer that. Because I don’t care if you live here or not. He leaves. roshni sits there crying. Roshni recalls simar’s words.

In this Sasural Simar Ka 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Rita says Piyush come out. She says inspector arrest here. simar says what happened? Rita says he betrayed us. He has illegal relationship with a girl. Police arrests Piyush. Simar says please listen.. He says no Simar madam. Give your statement in police station now. They take piyush with them. Watch this episode to get more information about Sasural Simar Ka.

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