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Sasural Simar Ka 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 13th November 2017 Episode Start With Sameer and Sanjana dancing while the song mere haath me…they get romantic and rest on bed. Sameer gets up and serves wine in the glasses and says cheers. They have wine and sleep. Mata ji asks Simar where is Prem, Piyush etc. Mata ji says Prem must be reaching and Roshni will come. Mata ji asks if Roshni distributed laddoos to kids. Pari says she would have done that if she was at home. Mata ji asks Pari what you are saying? Pari says no. Roshni comes there and asks what happened. Simar asks about Piyush. Roshni tells that he went for another meeting. Mata ji asks did you distribute the sweets to kids. Roshni tells that kids got the sweets and tells that she bought sweets and got it distributed.

Pari shouts at her and says Mata ji asked you to make laddoos with your hands for kids and you bought it from outside. Roshni tells that she has responsibility of house,family and piyush. She had to go with him to the important dinner, and that’s why she went. She says she has fulfilled her responsibility. Mata ji tells that Roshni did right by going with Piyush to the business dinner and also got sweets distributed among the kids, so she has fulfilled her responsibility. Pari is irked. Simar asks Roshni to sit.

Sanjana and Sameer are sleeping. She hears someone calling her name and walks in trance. She goes out of room. Anjali’s goon takes her to his room and signs Anjali mischievously. Anjali smirks while hiding. Mata ji gives +1 marks to Piyush and Roshni. Simar sees Pari’s reflection. Pari comes inside. Simar makes excuse. Anjali comes there and says she has planned a surprise for Sanjana and Sameer and they will be very happy with it, but for that she has to be there to make the arrangements. Mata ji permits her to go. Anjali thanks her and goes. Simar asks Mata ji why did she permit her.

Mata ji says it was needed for Anjali. In the morning, Sameer gets up and searches for Sanjana. He sees her coming out from room and gets shocked. Sanjana is also shocked and wonders why she went to that room. He comes to room and asks where did you go? before she could say, Sameer asks her not to lie and tell the truth. Sanjana is surprised. Someone knocks on the door. Sameer says come in. Anjali comes inside and says she heard them shouting. Sanjana cries. Sameer asks Anjali to ask her and goes. Sanjana tells Anjali that she was sleeping here with Sameer, but when she woke up, she find someone beside her on bed and was shocked. She says Sameer saw her coming out of the room. Anjali pretends to be shocked and manipulates her words and says you slept with a stranger. She asks her not to tell Sameer about the truth as he will not bear. She thanks Anjali and hugs her saying she don’t want to lose Sameer. Anjali thinks everything will happen as she wish.


Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mata ji gives responsibility to Roshni for keeping the ornaments. Anjali thinks she won’t let Roshni be good in everyone’s eyes and steals the ornaments. Roshni is shocked.

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