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Sasural Simar Ka 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Simar gets sanju’s photo. Her hands are burned. sHe says I wont’ leave this heli. Piyush says please stop me. We can’t make a mistake. We have to be careeful. Simar says but my daughter is in pain. Piyush says she knows that sanju is our weakness. We have to know her weakness too. Roshni says yes and first we should know who she is. SImar says investigate then. Piyush says yes we are. But please calm down.

Sanju sees heli come from somewhere. They have a person whose face is covered. SAnju says who is this. She opens the door but no one is outside. She says where did they go? sanju says stop peeking in our business. She is standing behind her. Sanju says in heart but she was out. probably she came from back door. Heli says go bring me tea. Leave it. Ask pari. Sanju says I have find out who that person was.

Piyush shows samir list. He says Samir went to London when his father died. We have to go to his old house. I and Roshni will go. Simar syas take arav too. Piyush says no he worried. We will go.

Scene 2
Sanju wakes up in pain. She says where are painkillers. She goes out and sees smair’s room open. She comes in samir’s room. She says where did he go? samir comes in from somewhere. Sanju looks at him.

Piyush and roshni come to a place. A man says a woman should not come in this area at night. Its not a good area. Piyush says its okay we can take care of ourselves.
Roshni and piysuh ask a tea man about the house. He says do you know these people? He says this house got burned. Heli’s husband died and then there was a man in their house. That man never went anywhere.

Sanju says where did samir go. Samir is with that man in store.
Heli says where are you going? Sanjiu says taking water. Heli says don’t fool me. Go and sleep in your room. Sanju sees samir sleeping in his room.

Piyush says this all is pre planned. Roshni says yes. There are so many aspects.
Did they abduct that man?

Scene 2
Simar is worried. She says I have to meet sanju. she is not well. Please ask her to come here.
Someone throws a stone in sanju’s room. SHe sees a paper tied to a stone. It says simar is not well. she wants to meet you once. Please come. Heli says what are you reading? She takes the paper from her. Its a list of things for kitchen. She says I made this last night. heli says okay.


Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : KB tells heli that sanju has gone;.SAnju meets simar. simar says what have you done to yourself.

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