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Sasural Simar Ka 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Piyush laughs as he becomes Kaal. He breaks the chains. Strong winds blow. Piyush says ma.. Simar runs towards him. Ridhima says no stay away from him. He isn’t Piyush he is Kaal. He will will whoever goes near him.
Kaal says yes I am Kaal. I will destroy everything. He walks towards Ridhima. Ridhima can’t breathe. Her face turns blue. Simar holds his hand and says you are my son Piyush. He thorttles her and says I am not your son. I am not Piyush. Mataji says I beg you please leave Simar. Everyone tries to release Simar from him. Piyush shoves Rajhinder his head is bleeding. Ridhima falls down. Ananiya runs towards her. Aarav says what happened to her.
Piyush goes out.

Scene 2
Simar and ROshni are praying in temple. Simar says please help Ridhima God. She is not well.

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Ridhima opens her eyes. Mataji says thank God you opened your eyes. We were really scared.
Ridhima says where did he go? Ananiya says we tried to stop him but he left.
Mataji says let me call Simar and Roshni. Ridhima says stop. I want to talk to you all. After last night you all have an idea of Piyush’s power.
Simar says God please bring our Piyush back to us.
Ridhima says no solution can stop Piyush. Mataji says then how will we stop him? Ridhima says there is one solution only. We have to kill Kaal. That means that Piyush will die with him as well. Everyone is dazed.
mataji says do you even know what you are saying? He is our child. Ridhiam says you saw everything with your eyes. He is not your son. He is Kaal. He will destroy everything if we don’t stop him.
Pari says Ridhima is right. That to save one life should we risk everyone’s life? Uma says yes we should.. Mataji says shut up. Pari says why? Aarav isn’t your son? Rest of everyone isn’t your child? Matjai says no matter what you think i won’t let this happen. I won’t let anything happen to him. We have to find another solution. Rajhinder says mataji is right. This won’t happen. Aarav says isn’t there any other solution? Ridhima says not really. You all need to give me your consent. We can’t tell Simar and Roshni. Mataji says I won’t let this happen. This won’t happen. We can’t let you do this Ridhima.
Roshni and Simar are praying. Ridhima says who will be with me? We have only 24 hours. One by one everyone joins her hand.

They all hold Ridhima’s hand. Uma Khusi Pari sankalp arav. Mataji says no.. Rajhinder says we don’t have another way out. Ridhima says I know this isn’t easy. This is not his real face. If we want to kill Kaal we have to bring him in his real face. Not in Piyush. Uma says what will he do. Ridhima says this time I will do pooja properly. There won’t be any mistake. Mataji you have to make sure Roshni and Simar don’t come there. Matai says i can’t do this. Ridhima says they can’t see Piyush dying in front of them. I have to prepare for it.

Simar and Roshni are doing arti. Mataji looks at them and recalls everything. Mataji is in tears. She says I don’t know what to do.
Mataji comes to them. Simar asks how is Ridhima? Mataji says a lot better. Simar says thank God. Let me see her. I will ask her if there is another solution. Mataji stops her. Mataji says Ridhima hs told the solution. Simar says really? What? Mataji says she told that.. Simar says what? Ridhima said you and Roshni have to go to temple and do 1000 circles. Simar says we will do that. Roshni says yes we will do anything. They are leaving. Mataji says stop. Simar says what happened? Mataji says wear new clothes.


Sasural Simar Ka 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : They all come to the temple. Piyush comes there.
Ridhima has made a circle and says stay inside this. Roshni and Simar are inside the temple praying. Ridhima starts her mantra.

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