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Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Announcer comes on stage and calls models. Anjali, Tina and others come there. Host says show’s winner is Anjali Bharadwaj, all clap for her while Simar is tensed,Tina is in tears, Vicky is happy for her, Aunt asks Simar where she is lost? Anjali won,she says nothing. Lily gives bouquet to Anjali and congratulates her. Simar thinks that how to tell family that Anjali did such cheap act with Tina. Lily makes Anjali wear crown and gives her cheque. Anjali poses for cameras. Mataji tries to talk to Anjali but Anjali goes to media. Reporter asks how is she feeling? Anjali says i am feeling proud, reporter asks how she is feeling winning 5crores? Vikram comes there and congratulates her, he says i am so happy that you fulfilled your dream, reporters gather around Anjali and Vikram is left behind. Reporter asks Anjali who she will credit for this win? Anjali says i want to credit myself first because i worked hard, Vikram is hurt to hear it.
Vikram is driving car, he recalls how reporters took Anjali away, he says i should be happy for Anjali but why i am feeling so much pain and not happiness? Vicky sadly comes home, caretaker says congrats I saw Anjali winning on TV,she seemed very happy, Vikram says yes but i am feeling restless, i am not feeling happiness but i am scared.
Bharadwaj family comes home, Sankalp says Anjali had to win, she is our daughter after all, she is the best, Rajendar says Anjali has made us proud and because of Piyush,we are going to get Roshini(light) in our house. Jhanvi brings sweets, Jhanvi doesnt allow Rajendar to eat because of his diabeties, Mataji says so what if we cant eat sweets, we can make our kids eat, first i will make Simar eat it, she sees Simar lost and asks what happened? Simar says i am worried about work, Mataji says we will handle everything,all decorations are already done. Simar thinks that Anjali won competition but i am scared that she has lost by winning this.

Caretaker asks Vikram if Anjali didnt come with him? he says no, there are interviews, photoshots everything for her as she is star now,she says you must be proud of her, Vikram says proud, yeah right, he takes food from her to make father eat it.
At night, Anjali is in her room, she looks at her crown and says i cant believe this is true, she looks at prize money bag and says i cant believe my dream fulfilled, she wears her slash and i am superstar, everyone is under me and i am on top, she puts money bundle on bed and lies on top of money. Vikram comes there and sees her lying with money, Anjali says smell of this much money is so good. vikram asks what is all this? Anjali says see my dream has come true,i am so happy, i am going mad with happiness, Vikram says there are other ways to celebrate happiness, put this money aside, she says dont touch them, they are looking good on bed, vikram says where will we sleep then? Anjali says let me sleep with my money tonight on my bed, Vikram says what are you saying? sleeping with money? Anjali says sleep in papa’s room for tonight please, tonight only me and my earning will be together, I am Anjali the Superstar, Vikram glares at her and leaves.

Scene 2
In morning, all Bharadwaj family members are seeing work of functions, Mataji scolds sankalp for eating food. Pari comes there and asks Simar where to put jewelry? i should call parlour too, Jhanvi says i have called her and told her to come home, Simar says if you people were not with me then this wouldnt have happened, Mataji says if you were not with us then this family wouldnt be together, you have saved this family always and we are always ready to make you smile, Pari rolls her eyes.

vikram asks caretaker where is Anjali? we have to go to Bharadwaj house, he calls Anjali but she is not picking up, Saroj says Anjali always go somewhere. Servants bring gifts and dog in house, Vikram asks who brought them here? Anjali comes there with new modern makeover and says I brought it, these are gifts for Piyush and Roshini and some are for me, she gives tip to servants, she takes puppy and says he is my richie baby, she asks Vikram how am i looking? Vikram says you are looking nice but this dog? for whom? Anjali says he is for us, his name is Richie, she says see rich people have dogs like this and i am celebrity too so i have right to keep this cute puppy, Vikram says fine, we are late, we should go now, she says okay, she starts leaving with him but sees papa and Saroj coming too,she says where you both are going? you both took mataji seriously? she gave us one card but that doesnt mean you people are coming with me in my family function, vikram says but.. anjali says we dont live together, we are divided and we have no relation so we shouldnt go together, I am sure that are not that shameless, all are shocked to hear it, Papa says to vikram that dont worry, you both leave, he asks Saroj to stay back. Anjali takes Vikram and comes out of house, Vikram says i will bring my car, Anjali says that small car? we will not go in that, we will go in this car, Vikram sees new modern car outside his house and asks what is this? Anjali says this is my car, i bought it today only with extra money, all are stunned, Vikram says what was the need to buy such expansive car? we already have car, Anjali says you call that small car a real car? dont insult real cars by calling your car a car, see I am star now, if anyone sees me in that car then i will not be able to face anyone, what if media sees it? your wife is not a common girl, i am a star, many brands will join me so i have to maintain my status,we will go in this car, Vikram thinks that she is not same Anjali, she is changing.

PRECAP- Piyush asks Aarav where is his special girlfriend? Ananya comes there and says Hi Aarav, Aarav says hi ananya, finally you made it, i am so glad, all smile. Piyush and Roshini exchange engagement rings and smile at each other.

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