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Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

Scene 1
Roshni says Piyush has lost himself. I have to do something. She says I will talk to him like a friend.
Roshni sees a text on his phone. Laila’s performance is at 9. Meet after the performance. Piyush comes out of washroom. She says have breakfast. He leaves.
Piyush comes to the place. Roshni chases him. The waiter says you are here sir? Go meet laila.
Laila comes. A man says come with me laila. I will give you so much wealth. I will give you whatever you want. Laila says your wife is waiting for you. Go to her. He says Laial this is what makes me fall for you.
Piuyush says Vadahi.. He says why are you doing this. The guards catch him and take him from there.

Saroj tells Vikram that cook said no. Its all anjali’s mistake. She didn’t give me money. Anjali says you needed that money how could I give them to her? I offered her my earrings. Vikram says anjali is right. That money couldn’t be used. I needed it urgently. Anjali says its okay. The pooja is cancelled that is why she is upset. Saroj says its not cancelled. I will do everything. I will make all the food myself. I will handle everything.

Simar comes in. She says how can you think you can do it alone? I and Jhanvi are here? We will help you. Jhanvi says uma and pari are coming as well. Tao ji says thank you so much. VIkrma says I am very lucky to have a mother in law like you. I have two moms who love me so much. Anjali hugs simar.

Laila says let him come. She takes a drink. Piyush throws her glass. He says what is wrong with you. He makes her wear his coat. He says what are you wearing? She says who vadahi? I dont’ know any vadhai. My name is laila. Piyush says stop it Vadhai. she says shut up. A girl whose marriage was called off twice what else should she be/ He says vadhai you are educated. You can do a good job. Why all this? She says it was important. You and all the people took advantage of my weakness. Laila is not weak like Vadhai. She can’t be used by men like you. Laila is power herself. She uses men like you. That vadahi was a slipper now same world is under laila’s feet. Piyush says this is all not right. You are my responsibility. I will do everything to start your life anew. Tell me what you want? She says can you leave roshni? Piyush is dazed. She says silent now? I know you can never do that. You don’t have enough courage. You are weak. You know what will people call me? You used girl. I better be called a dancer. You think I will give you another chance to break my heart? Go Mr. Piyush spend time with your wife. Your and my worlds are different. Dont waste my time. He says I can’t let you waste your life. Vadahi laughs. She says wow. Amazing. You said you won’t let me waste my life? Aren’t you the one who did that? Go and raise your worth. Piyush says tell me all this is lie. She says this is truth. She is leaving. Vadahi asks her guards to stop Piyush. She leaves. Piyush says don’t punish yourself for my mistake.

Vadahi comes out. Khushi comes and says are you senti? Vadhi is in tears. KB gives her tissue. KB says hide this pain and make it a lava. These tears should destroy them not you. You and I will ruin bharadwaj house together. I am proud of the way you handled yourself. Roshni is overhearing all this. KB says see who you became? They ruined your life and mine too. Its about time. We will punish them together. Roshni is dazed. Roshni says KB and Vadahi are together?

Sasural Simar Ka 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Piyush sees Vadhai with a man. He is touching and holding her. Piyush goes downstairs in anger. Roshni goes after him. Piyush hits the man and says how dare you touch my vadahi.

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