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Sasural Simar Ka 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vikram holds anjali’s hand and sits next to her. Saroj comes in and says today is your wedding night. You should be with your wife. Vikram says anjali is not well. SAroj says she is not in this condition because of you. When she left you alone tanvi was there. Today she is your wife. she deserves love and respect too. Anjali holds vikram’s hand. Saroj leaves. Vikram caresses anjali’s face.

Vikram comes to Tanvi’s room. She says Tai ji I asked her not to send you. Tanvi says I know that its very difficult time for you. Don’t blame yourself. Its not your mistake. He says it is. I am sorry. she says why? He says because I don’t know whats ahead of us, I don’t know if I will be able to give you happiness you deserve. she says don’t think about all this. Vikram hears anjali crying. She is running here and there. Vikram runs and goes to her. He calms her down. Anjali faints. Vikram takes her to her room. He stays with her and looks after her.

Scene 2
Annaiya finds her bag. Its all torn. Ananiay says what happened to my fav bag. Who can do this?
Ananiya says I found it under the bag. Pari says it was so expensive. Arav says it be. Don’t be sad. Pari says looks like someone cut it intentionally. Ananiya says but who can do this? Pari says I know who would. There is just one person who can stoop this low.

Tanvi is asleep on the floor saroj comes in. Saroj says why are you sleeping here? Tanvis says you.. Please sit. Saroj says you were here alone? Where is vikram? Tanvi says he.. Saroj says I get it. He was with anjali all night. She takes her hand and says come with me. SAroj takes her to anajli’s room. Saroj says you were here all night? Vikram says anjali is asleep. Saroj says I don’t care. Vikram says I was worried for her. So I came here. Saroj says you left your wife alone on wedding night? I would have taken care of her at night. Tanvi says its not his mistake. Saroj says look at he how nice she is. She values you. You can forget but I can never forget what this anjali did to our family. She separated us. I feel like she is still doing drama. vikram says she met an accident in front of our eyes. Doctors confirmed all this. Please don’t say that. Anjali wakes up.
She says whose memory is lost? Autie’s? Thats a bad thing. She forgot everything? don’t worry.
Saroj shoves her. She says stay away from me. Anjali hides behind Vikram. Anjali says its okay auntie is not well. Anjali says auntie I didn’t mind at all. You are not well. she says bring me chocolate. Vikrma says brush first.
Vokram says to saroj I understand. I promise I will be a good husband. But there is one truth. I love anjali. I can’t leave her alone.

Scene 3
Pari says roshni why have you done this to ananiya’s bag. Arav says mama roshni can’t do this. Pari says roshni is jealous of ananiya. Mataji says are you out of your mind? Pari says only roshni can do this. She has problem with ananiya. She even cancelled her honeymoon and made her a maid. Mataji says shut up. Roshni is in tears.


Sasural Simar Ka 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Roshni says ananiya trust me I went to your room to give you coffee. I left when pari said you are in garden. PAri says you would have come back. Piyush says enough pari chachi.