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Sasural Simar Ka 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 15th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Simar’s mangalsutra gets stuck in Prem’s shirt. He tucks it out. The song ‘do pal’ plays in background. Prem hugs her. He leaves. The leave each other’s hands. Simar sits there crying. Simar says please take care of him God.

Raju brings Vadahi’s food. Piyush comes and says why are you not eating? Why are you in tears? She says nothing. Piyush says tell me. Vadhi says you wife sent me this food. She wants to tell me that I can’t eat on table with the family. Like I am a prisoner here in this room. I was better in my house. He says this house is yours like everyone else. I won’t let you live here like a prisoner. Come with me.
Piyush brings Vadahi to table. Everyone is dazed. Piyush says don’t send Vadhai’s food to her room. She will eat here on table with everyone. She has right on this house just like some illegitimate people do. Mataji says Piyush you are right She has right on this house and this table too but not on people of this house. Mataji and everyone pick their plates and leave.

Scene 2
Rahul says to Anjali you will win this competition you are perfect. Your face height and body and your confidence. Vikram is driving. Rahul puts hand on Anjali’s shoulder. Vikram drifts the car and Rahul slips. Rahul says can’t you see adn don’t look back from mirror. Don’t forget your worth.
They arrive at cafe. Vikram is coming in as well. Rahul says where are you coming? He gives her some money and says go eat at some place or shop. Vikram leaves.

Simar says I can’t even call him. I don’t know where he is. Mataji comes in and says did you meet him? Simar says yes he is fin.e

Anjali comes home. Saroj says where were you?I thought you would come with Vikram. Anjali says I am sorry for what happened. Vikram says shut up. He insulted me and were silent. Anjali says the situation is that way.. Vikram says you made that situation and he was doing lunch with you. anjali says it was part of competition He is my partner. Vikram says what am I? Driver> She says its about competition. He says I can’t tolerate anymore. This is getting worse. You will drop out of competition. Thats final. Anjalu says I will never do that.

Vikram says go to your room right now. Anjali runs upstairs. Saroj says please don’t think with anger. You know Anjali. She won’t keep calm. Saroj says in heart I will turn this spark in fire.
Simar sits in temple and cries. Radha comes and swipes her tears. Radha says you are so old and crying. Simar says no no. Did you watch cartoon? Radha says I watched it with mama. I miss her. Simar says she will come back to you very soo.
Rahda says will she sing me lullaby? Simar says yes. Do you want me to sing to you? Radha says yes. Simar singer her lullaby and radha sleeps. Simar kisses her forehead. she sees out from balcony Piyush and Vadahi come with her luggage. A woman says dont’ know what happened to this family. Piyush is never seen with his wife and always with this girl.
Vadahi says I will make you tea. Simar says Piyush..Do you even care what people are talking about? Piyush says I have stopped caring about people and kids learn from their elders. Simar says you married Piyush because you couldn’t bear someone insulting me and now you are doing that yourself. Piyush says I have realized marrying roshni was the biggest mistake of my life. You taught me to fix mistakes as soon as possible. Simar says marriage is not a mistake. I never expected this from you.

Scene 3
On breakfast,Tao ji says where is anjali? Vikram says I don’t know She comes downstairs and is leaving. Vikram says stop. Where are you going? She says studio. Its my rehearsals. He says won’t you listen? I said.. She says I said as well I won’t leave this competition. You supported me first and now asking me to back out? I won’t give up now either with you or without you.


Sasural Simar Ka 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Anjali comes on stage with Rahul. Vikram comes in and says Anjali. Pooja’s husband calls Simar. Simar says where is Prem? He says in hell.

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