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Sasural Simar Ka 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Mataji says forgive me God. I did so wrong with simar. I sent a mom to you we can kill her son. Roshni’s husband will be gone away from her forever. You knoe everything please pardon me. SImar and Roshni can’t bear this. Please give us power. For everyone’s safety Kaal has to die. She cries.

At night, Vikram says mom sent us back. They were so worried. Anjali says thank God she sent us back. That house is weird. Vikram says Piyush is your brother. Anjali says I have enough troubles. Can’t take anymore. Tanvi says you are back? I heard there was tension in your house. Anjali says first my husband and now my house? VIkram says she is just asking. Anjali says forgot she is your special friend. I will apologize. Vikram leaves. Anjali says to Tanvi you are the reason behind half of my problems.

They all go out with Ridhima. Ridhima makes a circle and asks everyone to stay inside it.
Roshni and simar reach the temple. Roshni says give me strength to save my husband God.
She and simar sit in the temple to start the pooja. Roshni puts a dia on her hand. So does simar. They take circles around the idol.
Piyush enters the place. Ridhima sees her in the water. winds blow as Piyush walk outside temple. He growls. Everyone is scared. People fall here and there. Pari says I told you he will kill us all. Piyush is harming people on his way.
Ridhima does her mantra.
Roshni says ma I am sure Kaal is doing this so we can’t do this. Simar says we will do this at any cost. Our belief is stronger than Kaal. Roshni says you are right. We will do this. They both continue.

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Piyush walks and hurt people. A trishun is coming in his direction. He picks up a baby to kill her. The trishun comes in front of him. He leaves the baby. Simar suddenly trips over. Roshni says what happened? Simar says I heard a familiar voice. Piyush used to cry like this. I think his life is in danger. Roshni says we shouldn’t stop. We should complete this.
The trishun goes away from him. Kaal follows it.
Ridhima says tonight will be Piyush’s last night. Mataji cries. Kaal follows it.
Mataji is crying and sobbing. Kaal comes there. He says no one can save you from me. I will kill you first ridhima. Ananiya says ridhima di please come inside. Ridhima says I can’t give up. I have to complete this. Kaal is coming in his real face. Piyush becomes Kaal.
He falls down and screams. Mataij says our Piyush. He gets chained. Ridhimna did that.

Ridhima goes towards Kaal. Simar says Roshni I am so worried. Piyush’s life is in danger. Roshni says lets call arav.
Ridhima pour something on aarav. Piyush screams maa save me. Aarav gets the call. SImar says is everything okay? He says yes mom. Simar hears Piyush screaming. Simar says was that Piyush? Where is he? WHere are you all? What is happening there. Something is happening in our absence. Mataji sent us here so we are not there. Aarav says no. Simar says tell me where you are. He says we are near the cathedral.

Piyush says you think you can control me with this pooja? No. I am Kaal. No one can save you from me now. I will destroy everything.
SImar says we have to reach there at any cost. they will kill my son along with Kaal. lets go. Roshni says ma.. i can’t leave this pooja in middle. I know they lied to us but our prayers are real. I am doing this for my husband. I can’t leave this. You should go. Sumar says you are right. Simar runs.
Pandit ji tells roshni what to pray.
Piyush says you think they are safe inside this circle? No. My powers are unstoppable.
Pari says only 15 minutes are left. SImar is running there.


Sasural Simar Ka 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Ridhima picks the sword. She says this pure sword will kill him in one stab. She is about to stab him. Simar holds the sword with her hand.

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